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Find out the truth about this major religious deception


THE MYTH OF PEACEFUL, MODERATE MUSLIMS. -“The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head off the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet.” NEW!!

MUSLIM MAFIA EXPOSED!! -Excerpts from Chapter 16 of the 'The Muslim Mafia' detailing how Muslim propagandists plan to take over America! NEW!!

The Quran's Docrine of Abrogation -video by Abdullah Al Araby -Find out how Muhammed makes the Quran suit his plans by abrogating (replacing) certain suras. NEW!!

Egyptian girls BURIED ALIVE -visited by Christ!! -NEWS FLASH from Egypt. Jesus helps girls who were buried alive because mother read the Bible. NEW!!

Islam: What the West Needs to Know-FULL LENGTH ENGLISH VERSION -Excellent video documenting in detail Islam's continuing plan for world domination. Interviews with many current experts on Islam. NEW!!

MUSLIM JOURNEY TO HOPE -Excellent site featuring powerful video testimonies of ex-Muslims from all over the world and how they came to Jesus. Testimonies can be downloaded and shared with others as well.

FREEDOM OF IRAN -Great source of informative articles about Islam from an Iranian perspective. Working to defeat Islamofascism around the world.

Teacher Killed by Muslim Students! -Typical example of ISLAMIC TOLERANCE coming to a country near you.

Defining "Opposition" and "Oppression" -Beware! All non-Muslims are targets for Islamic aggression. Find out why.

SCIENTIFIC ERRORS IN THE QURAN-Does the Quran have indisputable scientific fallacies? Find out here.

THE ARABIC QURAN'S DILEMMA-Has the Quran been tampered with by man? Find out here.

Was Christ Really Crucified?-A continuing study by Faris al-Quayrawani

A WORD TO OUR MUSLIM FRIENDS...-Before you label us "HATE MESSENGERS", please read this. We are offering a series of studies titled "The Heart and Soul of Islam", which will cover the problems and true nature of Islam as discussed solely by Islamic scholars. Important for both Christians and Muslims.

The Heart And Soul Of Islam-Behind the Veil. The status of women in Islam -Part 1

Breaking The Chains Of Islam-Irrefutable proof of Islamic brutality and persecution. Children chained and beaten for failing to memorize the Koran.

ALLAH--The Moon god-Archeological Evidence From The Middle East.

THE ISLAMIC SLAVE TRADE EXPOSED-As you read this African slaves are being bought and sold by Muslim traders in Sudan!

Islam's Change of Identity for America-Islam's plan of attack for the USA and Europe.

Islam and Christianity-The Christian's Warfare is not against flesh and blood.

BLOODY ISLAM!-Was Muhammed Infallible? Find out here.

ISLAM-Neither BLACK nor AFRICAN-Muhammed, the racist prophet.

Contacts-Other Resources against Islam

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