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Irate parents go berserk, kidnapping own son. Nation’s top “cult catcher/deprogrammer paid to inflict over 30 hours of mental torture on ACMTC member. Spirit of God takes over, demolishing enemy’s evil schemes. Satanic media cults conspire to destroy God’s people. Nation-wide smear campaign slanders Word of the Lord. ACMTC refuses to bow to media spell casters who vow to get revenge. Persecution intensifies as war in the Spirit rages.



We are taught to believe in this country of America that we have religious freedom. Any existing belief that I had in this "freedom" was erased on July 8-10,1995.

It all started at the ACMTC camp at approximately 3:15 p.m. I had just finished lunch at 2:30 p.m. and was laying down reading a book called "Tortured For His Faith." This book is about a Christian named Haralan Popov who was involved in the underground church in communist Bulgaria. Popov was brutally beaten physically. The communists went to extreme attempts to try to deprogram or brainwash him from his beliefs and get him to embrace communism. I thought to myself how brutal and hardened the communists were and how they would use such inhuman tactics to destroy people's beliefs. Little did I know at this time that I was soon to find out that this country had backslidden from God to such an extent that they are nearly equal to these anti-Christ killers and will go to extreme attempts to destroy people who are exercising their religious freedom.

While I was in the middle of reading this book, one of the members of the missionary camp came rushing in and told me excitedly that there were some people who were overly anxious about inquiring that I immediately come out to the front gate. I instantly went to the front gate and saw that someone had actually jumped over the gate and that it was my father. I could tell something was wrong because they looked very nervous and flustered. Before I knew it we were speeding down the highway in a rental car. I saw that there was a middle aged man and my aunt in the car also. I could realize by the feeling in the air that this wasn't a friendly visit but that I had been abducted from the Christian camp! I was 23 years old and had chosen through my own free will to be a member of ACMTC and to serve God and live at this community with fellow Christian missionaries. Little did I realize that these people didn't have any intention of allowing me to make my own decision, but that they would go as far as applying tactics of brainwashing and mental torment to get me to see it their way. I soon realized that these people didn't believe in the freedom to worship who you wish, but that they believed you could only worship in their systematic organizations called "churches." They thought that if you didn't attend one of these "established denominations" and didn't wear fancy clothes and show up on Sundays, that you were undeniably a destructive cult member and that it was their duty to have you deprogrammed or brainwashed at all costs so you would return to the system. Wasn’t this country founded by little groups of people that were independent of the current system's religious establishment? This country keeps everyone happy by making them think they have freedom of religion, but just try to exercise your freedom of religion by serving God outside of the system and you will quickly find out that you have no rights. You will find that the only right you have is to be a dupe in the system and that if you try to escape people will go to extremes to pull you back into their own deception.

I never read anywhere in the Bible where it says you have to go to churches that meet in big buildings, that you have to wear nice clothes and show up on Sunday to be a Christian. Over the next 30 hours of attempted brainwashing I had the pleasure of being liberated to realize the following: 1) America would more properly be labeled an anti-Christ dictatorship than a democratic republic; 2) This country's dupes will go to extremes, even as far as hiring high realm government brainwashers to re-systemize your mind; 3) Any religious groups that do not conform to the system (especially those who live communally like they did in the book of Acts) are considered undeniably demonic, destructive, damnable CULTS!

After driving at high speed for over an hour I was taken to a hotel room and given a set of different clothes and it was suggested that I take a shower. I had just gotten out of the shower when the middle-aged man (who I recognized from the rental car) and a middle aged woman entered the hotel room. Now in the hotel room were both of my parents, the middle aged man and the woman. The middle-aged man's name was Rick and I came to find out he was a "cult expert" or a brainwashing expert. He also professed to be a Christian. He told me that he was the main expert for the Waco cult affair! I realized instantly that this was one of the people involved with the cruel, evil murder of those innocent victims! Anyone who has common sense and isn't duped by the system could see that Waco was a media and government smear job and that those people were harmless victims of an evil, Satanic elitist government—one that wishes to destroy all Christians, especially those that live in communities, because the Devil and the government know the POWER of God's true people living communally. I believe that they were Christians and are now in the company of Jesus Christ! Even if you can't see the truth don't you feel that people have the right to worship who and how they want and live peaceful lives if they aren't hurting anyone? I now started realizing that Rick had to be a anti-Christ demon to be involved with the burning of the Waco camp.

Rick was an average looking man who dressed very plain and had a very calm and smooth demeanor about him. He told me that he had interviewed hundreds of "group members" and that he had appeared on many major talk shows and in many court cases as a "cult expert." I started to realize that he must be a deprogrammer who was doing government tasks of destroying religious groups that weren't tied into the system. The lady appeared to be a middle-aged mother who had sort of a tired and depressed look on her face. Rick said her name was M. Rick started trying to deprogram me by making friendly conversation and trying to touch base on several different points. He was an excellent conversationalist and spoke very slowly with precision and confidence. He casually mentioned that I had been brought to the hotel because my parents had some concern about my well being. He said that he knew that many people don't know too much history about the ministries that they are in and so he thought it would only be fair if he filled me in about ACMTC's past history. He said that the people he usually talks with get the best understanding about the "group" they're in from someone who was an ex-member. He said that M had been in the ministry about 6 years and that she would be an excellent reference to fill me in about the "group" I was in. He was very careful during the first hours of the interrogation to never use the word "cult" or refer to any questionable practices of the group I was in.

I could tell that Rick was a professional at his job. He would always strive for emotional and psychological agreements from me on all his questions and statements. After his opening statements were complete and he felt that he had "broken the ice" a little, he fully introduced M as an ex-member of the ministry. For the next 5 or 6 hours M explained in a well-planned testimony about the unbelievable torments and abuse that she and her kids had suffered while she was at ACMTC. Her lies countinued to increase about how her leaders had her sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night and working slave labor 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. She had stories about how she was separated from her kids for long periods of time and how different members of the ministry would regularly beat her kids with belts and boards. She talked about how she had been tied up in a small shed for months (in worse than third world conditions) outside the mission with another lady and that they only receive a few stale peanut-butter sandwiches once a day. She continued explaining her stories about how she and the others had been brainwashed to mindlessly do everything that they were told without ever arguing. She even went as far as making outlandish statements about other missionaries that are still with the group saying that they abused her kids and their own kids through neglect and physical and mental abuse. I had personally been in the ministry for around 11 months and had never seen any actions even remotely close to her accusations. I had been around our leaders and the members of the ministry that she was talking about and had seen that they were loving Christian people who didn't even come close to any kind of mental or physical abuse. I knew that I had always been fed very well with three large meals a day and that I had usually been sleeping around 8 hours a night and working between 8-12 hours a day.

I had been told everything about the ministry's past during the first few days after I had arrived, and I had been told how they had received much persecution from this ex-member, M, over the years. I already knew how she had been accused of infidelity and other fornications and given many chances to repent, but she wouldn't so she had been asked to leave the ministry. Because of her own guilt and shame that she had from being forsaken by God (because she wouldn't repent) and losing her family because of her sins, she had turned bitter against God and the ministry. She went out and got a lawyer who helped her fabricate all kinds of lies against the ministry in hopes of receiving a large paying lawsuit. It was obvious that she was very bitter and still held much unforgiveness in her heart toward God and the other members. She and her lawyer had dumped their false lawsuit on the media and they had done a report on it. I watched Rick while M continued in her lying and I noticed how he was watching her carefully and even correcting her own testimony! I could easily see how Rick had carefully hashed over M's previous testimony of lies and refreshed her for her current act by giving her more fresh brainwashing fear and anti-cult paranoia. I knew that everyone was hoping that I would be an easy victim of their lies and witchcrafts because I had only been in the "cult" around a year.

Overall, M's made-up testimony left much to be desired. She stumbled through many of her accusations with noticeable doubt and confusion. After M was finished with her stories several hours later, my parents and my aunt all asked what I had to say about this "Godly" woman's testimony. They asked what I thought about my leaders and the other members of the ministry who physically and mentally tormented M and other members. They told me what a shame it was that this fine Christian lady had to suffer all these afflictions from the horrible cult. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was obvious that they all totally believed her and that they were completely brainwashed by Rick and by M's testimony! I couldn't believe that they didn't see right through her half-hearted lies and false accusations. Most of all I couldn't believe that they thought M was still in right standing with God! It was easy to see just by looking at her that she was full of bitterness and was extremely depressed. They were all as far backslidden from God as M was and that was obviously why they were the ones that were so easily deceived. I told them outright that everything she said was a lie because of her own resentment and guilt from her own sins. They thought I was totally insane when I told them I thought she was lying! I realize that it was only God that was allowing me to see their deception, but it wasn't until the next day when Rick took over the show that I would realize just how far one could go in trying to emotionally and psychologically deprogram a Christian back into a mindless systematic dupe. After this extremely exhausting day I finally got to bed around 2:30 a.m. That night while laying in bed I was thanking God that he was with me and that he would help me stand for him through tomorrow's trials.

A few hours later at just around 6:00 a.m. I arose to fight off a full day of brainwashing attempts made by Rick. Before we ate breakfast, Rick and I were discussing some of our different doctrinal beliefs and different worldly issues including the issue of sin. Because he did profess to be a member of the faith, I was shocked when he told me that he smoked cigars and subscribed to Rolling Stone magazine (a leading publication of the Rock and Roll industry)! I had also made a statement about how evil and destructive Jerry Garcia and his band the Grateful Dead had been and how they had destroyed many youths’ lives through drugs and sin, literally damning thousands! I was shocked when Rick made the statement that he thought Jerry Garcia wasn't that bad of a guy! I thought to myself how incredibly far this guy was from God and how he wasn't even close to being a Christian, but in reality he was in the camp of Satan. Rick immediately started in with new tactics to pull me back into the enemy's camp. He started bombarding me with some readings from some atheist's book written about the eight complete steps to brainwashing used by cultists. He would cover each step slowly and precisely, carefully stopping and making comparisons between the humanist author's points and views and his own made-up opinions about our ministry. He would use all the lies that M and her lawyer created and align them with the different brainwashing steps out of the book and create false conclusions about the degree that I had already been brainwashed. He claimed that due to my previous brainwashing it would be hard for me to "discern the truth."

Rick would go into all kinds of lies that he and M had made up about our leaders. Pushing these blatant lies, he commented that our leaders beat people, that they brainwashed all the members of the ministry, and that they were simply legalistic, power-hungry sinners that were being judged by God! He said that they keep 24 hour surveillance on all the members and that they were full of the devil and rage! He said that our leader, General Deborah, thought she was God and only desired that people worship her. He continued blaspheming God and slamming the members of our ministry with brutal lies for hours, trying to pump all of his demonic filth and anti-Christ philosophies into my brain until my head started spinning. Rick would say his lies and statements to me over and over again and even ask me questions, which Rick himself would then answer instantly for me, trying desperately to muddle my brain. Inside I was earnestly crying out to God to help protect me from this anti-Christ demon. At times I felt like I was listening to the devil himself! I was also recalling how similar some of his brainwashing methods were compared to those of the communists in the book "Tortured For His Faith."

Then Rick flew into a rage saying that there was no way our ministry could have God's spoken Word. He denied that our ministry had the gift of prophecy saying that we made them up ourselves. He even started reading some of our prophesies, madly blaspheming God's Word, saying that it all centered around personal attention for our leader General Deborah. I could see how enraged Rick was about God's Word and how he couldn't understand it with his "carnal mind" and how this drove him crazy! I told him that no one can understand prophecy until they are truly born-again, Spirit-filled believers. I realized the reason he hated God's Word to such an extreme was because Satan himself HATES the True Living Word of God! The Devil knows the POWER of God's Word, and since Rick was full of the Devil, he just naturally hated God and God's Living Word. I knew he wasn't a Christian but just one more religious Pharisee whom Jesus said were of their father the Devil.

It was actually mental torment to sit and listen to these demonic attacks. I could hardly even comprehend how twisted and darkened these people were. I told all of them that I didn't have anything personally against them but that it was their demons I hated. I told them I would pray for them to come into the knowledge of the saving and forgiving power of Jesus Christ. I knew that our ministry's leaders had held a godly standard for years, serving many, many people and never asking anything in return. I knew that they had helped people who were messed-up, wandering oddballs by taking them in and feeding them, cleaning them up and leading them to the Lord Jesus. I could testify personally of this because I had been one of them! I could personally testify about their Christ-like love. I also knew that there have been hundreds of ministries since the time that Jesus walked the earth who’ve had the gift of prophecy. I also knew that even today there can be found a multitude of ministries that have this spiritual gift working in their midst. I thought sadly enough that these religious hypocrites are the same types that would try to kill Jesus if He were here today After all, they were trying to kill the seed of Christ that was in me now!

Rick knew that his time was running out because the original agreement was that on this evening I was going to make my own decision. Would I go back to a life full of twice-dead religion and serve the anti-Christ system, or would I keep my commitment to serve God and return to the mission? In all truth they were hoping through their demonic deprogramming methods that I would not even have a free will choice by that evening. Them telling me that I was going to be able to make my own decision this evening was just so they could receive my cooperation and more time.

Then Rick started his final assault by starting to show me some clips from videos including destructive cult videos and media clips of M's false testimony. He stopped the videos to try and explain how the cult victims were abused and brainwashed and how I was one of them! He told me over and over that I was a member of a highly destructive "cult" that brainwashes and abuses its innocent members. He told me that I was destroying the life of my friends and family and also destroying my own mind and my independent thinking capabilities. He told me if I stayed in the "cult" any longer I would do permanent brain damage to myself and have a hard time ever functioning again. Then, during their final emotional and mental attacks, I suddenly felt my brain swirling and I felt like I was going insane. His demonic tactics were taking effect. I started desperately crying out to God to keep me from being destroyed I started realizing that this was actually not a fight between humans but a fight between Jesus and the Devil. All of a sudden I felt the strength and power of God and I started boldly rebuking all of them in the name of Jesus. I then ran into the bathroom and continued praying for about 10 minutes until the peace and joy of God came to me and I knew that I had made my stand for God and that God had won the victory. I went back into the room full of the joy of the Lord and praising God and told everyone that Jesus is victorious and that I had made my stand and was free to leave now. Then I told them that they could either take me to the bus station and buy me a ticket or I was going to run out of the hotel and hitch-hike back to the ministry.

When Rick heard this he commented that he would now definitely classify our "cult" (on a destructive scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst) as an extremely strong 10 because of my urgency in wanting to leave! I took this as a compliment, meaning that we were extremely devoted to Christ! At this time my father was standing in front of the door and had grabbed my arm and said "you're not finished yet." I then told him to either let go of my arm or I would have to knock him out of the way and run off. He then let go and I quickly exited the hotel, but they followed me into the parking lot and starting pleading with me to stay another day! I could see that they weren't going to take me to the bus station so I started running off. Then after I had gone a short ways they yelled at me and told me they would take me to the bus station. I told them if they tried taking me anywhere else I would jump out of the car. I got my bus ticket and was scheduled to leave at 2:30 a.m. It was only around 7:00 p.m. so I ended up waiting around the hotel lobby and pool until I left the brainwashing sight.

Free at last! Free to serve God where I had chosen. I was glad to finally leave the enemy's camp and return to God's camp at around 5:30 p.m. the next day. I had been on the battlefield for over 36 hours, having only a few hours of sleep and receiving many emotional and psychological attacks. Later on that evening my parents came by to pick up the car that they had bought me and some other material garbage. It was stated to them that if the government burned us up now like Waco because of all the lies and stories that the brainwasher (they had hired) accumulated and reported, that it would be their fault. They appeared to have the attitude that if you can't beat ‘em who cares. I want everyone to realize that it was only Christ Jesus that enabled me to stand through this whole thing and that only through Him did I know what to say and how to fight.

God has been showing our ministry that this is the time He is calling a people out of man's system of leadership and into Christian communities that submit only to the absolute rules and regulations of the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is a higher way than any of man's governments or systems. I challenge you, if you are looking for truth and meaning in your life, to receive Jesus as your saviour and give your life totally to Him, form communities and separate yourselves from the systems of man and come under the absolute authority of Christ Jesus. Lastly I will tell you a few things that you will find out when you separate yourselves from the system and come under the headship of Jesus Christ: 1) This country of America is no longer Christian. The leaders of this country are actually anti-Christ and will eventually seek to destroy all true born-again believers. But that's okay, because if we have been truly born-again then we only belong to the Kingdom of God and not to any earthly system; 2) Like the Bible says, we will be hated and persecuted for His name sake, but His grace is sufficient to keep us; 3) You will find out that you don't have any religious freedoms in this Country; 4) Finally, thankfully, you will find out that God is bigger than any of man's systems or governments and that He will protect all real Christians from the systems of men and keep us in His perfect peace through all current and future tribulations. Praise God!