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“The Other Side

of the Story”


FOR THOSE OF YOU who have a deep concern for facts, this article is a challenge to you to carefully examine the evidence and judge for yourself what is true. The information comes directly from eyewitnesses and cited pertinent news articles.

   When alleged criminals are tried, the courts are meant to use foundational principles. Each criminal is technically innocent until proven guilty. As the old adage goes, the jury must hear “both sides of the story” before passing sentence. From our observations, it is appallingly clear that the integrity of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps, led by Generals James and Deborah Green, has been UNDERMINED and MALIGNED without a fair trial. Vicious allegations have been hurled at this ministry for two-and-a-half decades, and the harassment against ACMTC and the Generals in particular only continues to escalate. Very few seem to care about discerning the truth of the matter. Most just love the hype. Well, let the accusers and their unfounded allegations now be challenged with “The Other Side of the Story.”

—ACMTC Staff


[Note: In some quotes, “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and/or “all caps” have been added for emphasis.]



THE Generals preach the Word of God as it is. They do not “doctor it up” with false softness and theological mush. Therefore, for example, they declare homosexuality is a gross sin, adultery is sin, fornication (which includes all unacceptable sexual relations) is sin, and so on.

    Sacramento is a city full of sodomites (homosexuals/lesbians), perverts, adulterers, fornicators, and so on. To make a concise point, many people in Sacramento hated the Generals and their ministry since the Generals boldly declared the truth. The sodomite-influenced* media constantly slandered the ministry. (*Shortly before the time of the Maura S. [hereafter: MS] lawsuit, the Vice Squad had been monitoring a Macy’s store for sodomite activity and eventually busted the manager of Channel 13, among others, for being involved in illicit activities.)

    Although, from a Christian perspective, the world slandering the Generals is actually a good sign that the Generals are on the right path, for Jesus said, “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world . . . therefore the world hateth you . . . If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you” (John 15:19,20). In light of that statement, all real Christians should expect persecution.

    The current persecutors of ACMTC always point back to the controversial and misunderstood “Sacramento scandal.” Therefore, let us examine the facts from that point forward. We should begin with the dubious account of MS—a disgruntled ex-member—who claimed to be a victim of this “dangerous cult” called “Free Love Ministries,” a.k.a. the “Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps.” Her story is now infamous among the camps of ACMTC-haters. She filed a lawsuit against ACMTC, making incredible and unsubstantiated claims against the Generals and the ministry. Of course, the media capitalized on her story.

    This brief account examines just a few quotes from the plethora of available articles on MS’s story and some of the many absurd allegations spoken to condemn ACMTC. By the end of this article, you will plainly see, without reservation, how lies have buried the truth for so long.




AN article by Jan Held in the Thursday, May 11, 1989 issue of The Biggs News Butte County Reporter reported the following: “[MS], 41, stated in her suit she was imprisoned by ACMTC in January of 1987 and forced to live in a shed.” Melinda Welsh, who wrote a lengthy article in a 1989 issue of the Sacramento News & Review, reported that “According to the lawsuit...the organization [ACMTC]...forced her [MS]... and another banished sect member to move for 10 weeks into a 5-by-12-foot wooden shed, in which they could not stand upright.” This shed was supposedly “unheated” and “unlighted.” Rick Longley of the Mercury-Register cited the claim that MS was “abused by the group and forced to live in unsanitary conditions.”


    Do these allegations have factual support? Was MS really “imprisoned” and “forced to live in a shed” at ACMTC Headquarters? Absolutely not and absolutely not! At this point, a little background information is necessary for the sake of clarity.



MS was a hippie before she was a Christian. Even in the gross hippie world, MS’s behavior was considered excessively vile, particularly in regards to her sexual relations, according to consistent testimonies. In fact, those who knew her well say that promiscuity only lightly describes her regular conduct as a hippie.

    MS became a Christian. Sadly, it became obvious to those around her that she never dealt very deeply with her problems. After joining ACMTC, MS’s problems manifested in serious marriage trouble with Steven S. (now Col. Philip Jordan).

    Fornication, adultery, promiscuity, and the like, are unacceptable for all true Christians; thus, those practices are unacceptable for members of ACMTC. “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator...Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person” (I Corinthians 5:11-13). The U.S. military officials remove incorrigible soldiers [NOTE: Obama has now legalized homosexuality in the military!A GROSS SIN!!] and business managers fire untrustworthy workers. In like manner, ACMTC leaders eventually removed MS from her office since she refused to forsake her sins and cooperate with the work of God’s ministry. Is it a crime to fire a lying, cheating, rebel-punk employee? NO! Why, then, would anyone be alarmed that the Generals decided to remove MS from her position?

    MS was a high-ranking officer, a Captain. As their first action, the Generals demoted her from that high position. Also, at that time, MS’s husband decided that he did not want to live with her. So it was made available that she could sleep in the Chop Shop, which was one of the buildings on ACMTC property. The Chop Shop was well accommodating since it had a bathroom with a flush toilet, a telephone with two lines, and a door to the alley for easy coming and going.

    MS was just happy to have somewhere to live at ACMTC Headquarters. First Lt. Jacque Rankin, AKA Rachel Johnson, who was also causing problems for the ministry at that time, decided that she wanted to move into the Chop Shop with MS. Sergeant Lisa D. [hereafter: LD], another problem member, moved in too. Then, since the three of them were getting in the way of work projects, it became appropriate for them to move. The three of them, particularly MS, suggested that they move into the infamous “shed”—the supposed “unheated, unlighted, 5-by-12-foot shed.” Since the three of them made this suggestion of their own free will, and since MS especially assured the Generals that they would be fine, the Generals allowed these adults to make their own decision and live where they felt comfortable. Actually, the “unheated, unlighted, 5-by-12-foot shed” was a nice 8-by-12-foot two-story clubhouse with two extensions, one being 4-by-4 foot with a window, the other 4-by-6 foot with a wood stove. And this two-story clubhouse, besides having a window and a wood stove, was fully carpeted and powered with electricity. By missionary standards, it was quite luxurious. [For a short yet detailed analysis of MS’s former (primitive) living conditions—her living conditions prior to joining ACMTC—see Colonel Philip Jordan’s written statement about “The California Cabin.”]

    As far as nearby conveniences go, the Chop Shop was right next to the two-story clubhouse, and again, inside the unlocked shop door was a bathroom with a flush toilet, a telephone with two lines, and a door to the alley for easy coming and going.

    LD left the ministry very soon after moving into the two-story clubhouse, but MS and Jacque continued to stay in the two-story clubhouse for a short time. Once more space was made available, the two women moved into living quarters in one of the provided houses.

    MS and Jacque were supplied with plenty of food, although they did not sit directly with everyone else, but sat apart, because they were a liability to the spiritual health of the other ministry members. “Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly . . . And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed” (II Thessalonians 3:6,14).

    Furthermore, since MS and Jacque expressed that they wanted to work, ACMTC gave both MS and Jacque ample opportunities to work, but also gave them a large amount of free-time so they could read their Bibles and pray.

    MS was soon hired back to work at Art Shops. David G., who ran the Art Shops, always paid MS for her work, and so this proves that MS had her own money. One eyewitness said that they remember seeing MS down at one of the local thrift stores, buying some clothes, during the time that she was allegedly “locked up” and “without money.” Others report that they often saw her—freely and casually walking around, not confined. The police once came to ACMTC Headquarters to answer other false allegations, which they found to be lies, and during their visit, they saw MS—free and content. When MS filed her lawsuit, the police let ACMTC know that they were willing to testify in court on behalf of the ministry against MS’s obvious outright lies.

    When the allegations were spreading about MS being forcibly confined, David G. showed forth MS’s check stubs to the Generals, and the Generals showed the check stubs to media reporters in order to officially disprove the claims that MS was “imprisoned” at the Headquarters. The reporters never made mention of the check stubs.

    At any time, MS could have walked out and left ACMTC, or she could have easily called her mother for a ride (her mother lived nearby). Or, when MS was working at one of the Art Shops, she could have left at any time or made a phone call.



1. MS was not alone in the two-story clubhouse but had a female roommate.


2. MS only lived in the two-story clubhouse for a short time. MS and Jacque, her roommate, soon moved into other ACMTC housing when space became available.



PASTOR Jerry Axtell [MS’s pastor] counseled MS after she left ACMTC the last time. His testimony is very interesting. He is quoted in the Sunday, May 7, 1989 issue of The Sacramento Bee, and he admitted, “[MS] was never held physically captive.” Wait . . . [MS] was NEVER HELD PHYSICALLY CAPTIVE ???

    Was MS physically “imprisoned” and “forced to live in a shed” or was she “never held physically captive” as her counselor claimed? It seems we have two conflicting accounts. MS told her counselor that she was somehow emotionally imprisoned but not physically imprisoned, while in her lawsuit she claimed physical imprisonment.



1. MS was demoted from her position in ACMTC on account of her unfaithfulness and unwillingness to amend her ways.

2. MS’s husband was the one who put her out of his home because he did not want to live with an unfaithful wife.

3. MS chose, by her own will, to live in the Chop Shop and then the two-story clubhouse.

4. MS lived in the two-story clubhouse—the infamous “shed”—for only a short time. The two-story clubhouse was nothing like MS’s exaggerated claims. It was 8-by-12 foot, two stories, had a 4-by-4 foot extension on one side and a 4-by-6 foot extension on the other side, was fully carpeted, had a window, a wood stove, and was powered with electricity.

5. MS had a roommate in the two-story clubhouse named Jacque Rankin. No reporter has ever asked Jacque what really happened.

6. MS was employed at the Art Shops during the time that she was allegedly “in captivity.” She was fully paid for her work.

7. MS’s lawsuit implies physical imprisonment, while the testimony of her counselor reveals that she was “never held physically captive.”


CONCLUSION: Based upon the evidence, MS’s stories must be HORRIBLE LIES.



1. Why was MS’s self-conflicting testimony blindly accepted without weighing it against the innumerable testimonies of others?

2. Why did no one interview Jacque Rankin, MS’s roommate in the two-story clubhouse, to see what she had to say on the matter? NO REPORTER HAS EVER ASKED JACQUE RANKIN, LATER CAPTAIN RACHEL JOHNSON, TO SUBSTANTIATE OR INVALIDATE MS’S CLAIMS. Do you not find that suspiciously odd?

3. After she filed the lawsuit, why didn’t MS send authorities to examine the two-story clubhouse to verify her claims? THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT VALIDATING THE SUPPOSED “UNSANITARY” CONDITIONS OF THE TWO-STORY CLUBHOUSE. MR. LAWYER SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PHOTOS OF THE “SHED”!


If you find these questions penetrating and you would like to know more, please see the testimony of Captain Rachel Johnson, “Setting the Record Straight,” in our Px2 Files section on our website. See also Colonel Jordan’s statement on “The California Cabin” (also in the Px2 Files!).



IN the Chico Enterprise-Record, Thursday, May 4, 1989 issue, it is reported that MS was “forced to live...on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches.” First of all, MS chose to eat what she wanted to eat. Notably, for a while, she and her son worked in the ACMTC cafeteria as the cleanup crew. She chose that job. Every day they would gorge down any leftovers they wanted. They would even go around and finish drinking all the sodas that people had left on the tables. In fact, MS started gaining so much weight, she asked for a different job assignment.

    Again, we must recall that MS had her own money. At any point, she could have easily gone to a store or restaurant and eaten herself into a coma. Plus, MS could have called her mother to obtain money or food whenever she desired something more than what she had chosen for herself.

    [Interestingly, MS wrote letters to the Generals and talked about her eating-habits. ACMTC still has all that information on file. Read some of MS’s “Handwritten Letters,” and General Jim’s responses to them, in our Px2 Files.”]



The Biggs News Butte County Reporter, May 7, 1989, also cited that MS was “forced to...do menial work at the group’s Sacramento compound.” Without question, MS was not forced to work at Headquarters, just like she was not forced to stay with the ministry, but she did choose to live and work at ACMTC Headquarters. And let it be known that everyone, including the Generals, worked “menial” jobs at the ministry’s Headquarters! Is it now a crime to work?

    It is reported that MS did not even like taking care of her own children but often gave her kids to the Generals for caretaking. Later, of course, MS accused the Generals of “stealing” her kids—another ridiculous allegation.

    Considering the situation, the Generals allowed MS to live at Headquarters for a long time. They sincerely wanted to help MS as much as they were able. However, it became obvious that MS did not want to change or amend her family relationships.

    Eventually, the Generals were left with no other recourse but to ask MS to leave ACMTC. Soon after that, MS launched her hateful vendetta against the Generals and ACMTC.



Q:   If ACMTC was innocent, why did the Generals not contend with MS in court?

A:  First of all, whether or not the Generals went to court is not the issue. The issue is that MS’s allegations were never substantiated by law enforcement authorities, psychologists, medical doctors, or anyone else. NO ONE EVER INVESTIGATED HER OUTLANDISH CLAIMS OR FILED AN OFFICIAL REPORT IN HER FAVOR.

    Second of all, ACMTC was under severe persecution. Persons were being verbally and physically attacked, and properties were being vandalized. The media had already done irreversible damage to the character of ACMTC. Under this kind of immediate pressure, the Generals did not see any point to potentially drag out the issue in years of litigation. To the Generals, human lives are more important than their own reputations.


    So you see, MS did not win a court case against ACMTC because her allegations were true. MS’s claims were all uncontested, so she merely “won” by default.


    Now let us ask the following question: If Jesus Christ was innocent, why was He sentenced to death as a criminal? Jesus was innocent. However, THE COURTS OF THIS WORLD HAVE CONDEMNED MANY INNOCENT VICTIMS.



DOES it sound to you like MS’s allegations were thoroughly investigated, or does the whole affair reek like a setup?

    Keep in mind that Sacramento authorities—particularly the sodomite-influenced media—despised ACMTC, and they really hated the Generals in particular, simply because the Generals were bold enough to tell the truth about sin. In a sin-dominated culture, the truth is detested and many seek to destroy it. The conditions in Sacramento, California, coupled with and led by the lies of MS, made it prime for an explosion of INTENTIONAL TERRORISM against God’s people.



MS hired Robert (Bob) B. [hereafter: BB] to handle her lawsuit. Since his influence played a great part in the California ordeal, it is sufficient to mention a few of Mr. BB’s statements.

    Mr. BB was quoted as saying, “The goal of the ministry...is to put Lila [Deborah] and Jim on as high a pedestal as possible. They have a philosophy that the end of the world is coming and Jim and Lila will be in charge” (cited by Charles Gallardo of The Gridley Herald, Vol. 108, No. 74, Wednesday, May 3, 1989). Well, the end of the world is coming, but Jesus Christ the Lord will be in charge, not the Generals. Read the free ACMTC publications and you will quickly see how the ministry only extols Jesus Christ as King—not any man, woman, boy, or girl. The Generals are two of God’s appointed and anointed leaders, but they are not God. Across the globe, God has many leaders: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4:11).

    For those of us who live with the Generals, we know very well just how much they serve God and His people. Generals James and Deborah (Lila) Green humble themselves continually, in fasting, prayer, and many labors. We here at Headquarters are surely grateful for these two “shepherds” who lay their lives down for Jesus and the Body, and we know the multitudes abroad feel the same way, for their souls partake of the Generals’ sacrifices and hard work, too. It is a real privilege to be a part of ACMTC, where Jesus alone is put “on as high a pedestal as possible.”

    In an El Paso Times, Sunday, June 25, 1995 article, BB is quoted as saying, “Lila [Deborah] Green is the real power behind the group . . . She’s one of those people you look in the eyes and you feel real strange—a Charlie Manson type.”

    General Deborah is a dedicated, loving and compassionate Christian woman who has spent all her energies trying to save souls and preserve lives. Charlie Manson is a sadistic, satanic, convicted mass murderer who heartlessly destroyed lives. General Deborah has absolutely no criminal record. Charlie Manson is a proven criminal. Therefore, for Mr. BB to liken General Deborah to Charlie Manson is to do nothing less than HATEFULLY MALIGN her Godly Christian character with a CONSCIOUS INTENTION TO SLANDER AND LIE against her without ONE SINGLE SHRED of evidence! That is TERRORISM! DELIBERATE TERRORISM! Mr. BB’s statement is a direct, venomous slander against General Deborah, and we VEHEMENTLY testify that we do NOT believe Mr. BB’s HATEFUL remarks of TERRORISM against a woman who has given her ALL to follow Jesus Christ the Lord.  

    We who love the truth clearly see the INTENTIONAL SLANDER in the words of BB. He told tales as truths without the backing of factual evidences or substantial personal experience. His brutal words indiscretely ring with pride and an unfortunately ignorant audacity that does not hold up under the scrutiny of honest observation. Plainly stated, Mr. BB’s slanders are MALICIOUS LIES.



THIS is a most interesting point. BB is a criminal lawyer, and many of the allegations spoken against ACMTC and the Generals were definitely allegations of criminal activity, but MS did not take her lies to a criminal court. Despite the nature of the allegations, BB and his client MS chose to file a civil lawsuit. Why? If they had evidence that the allegations were true...if they had eyewitness testimonies that evil, criminal activities were taking place at the ministry’s compound...if MS and others were being honest and could prove their claims in a court of law...then WHY DID THE PROSECUTORS NOT TAKE THEIR CLAIMS TO A CRIMINAL COURT? Could it be that they had no real evidence? Criminal court works on the foundation that all claims must be proven with facts “beyond the shadow of a doubt.” Civil court is not bound to the same premise in the same way. Ponder that.

    According to available reports, MS said she wanted to expose the ministry and shut it down. If that were true, then why did she file a civil suit?

    Something is not matching up. She spread criminal allegations. Multiple police reports should have been written and verified showing ample proof for MS’s slanderous allegations. The prosecutors should have produced undeniable facts that stood against the Generals and ACMTC, and they should have brought forward those facts for all to see that yes, MS’s claims were true, and yes, the evidence matches her claims, and yes, the harsh, critical evaluations of the ministry were not bias at all, but wholly right. However, what we find is a string of SHADY STORIES laced with QUESTIONABLE and CONTRADICTORY TESTIMONIES; we hear CLAIMS and REPEATED SLANDERS without ever seeing the EVIDENCE that backs up the claims; we are left to wonder WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?

    This is disturbing. It makes no sense. Reader, does it not bother you that people can make claims about criminal activity, publish the claims and get a lawyer to spread the claims like a HATE-MESSENGER who is trying to TERRORIZE someone, and then demand that something be done about the claims while having the media write one-sided articles in favor of the claims, and, as a result, define the claims as apparently true before they have ever been examined in a court of law? Are you, dear reader, not at least a little bit angry that people can continue to malign the name of an honest ministry with allegations that have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TRUE BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT? Please, think, doesn’t this deeply disturb you? Dear reader, what if someone spitefully did that to you and your family?


    We refuse the testimony of someone who viciously slanders a legitimate ministry with unfounded claims and then proceeds to lie to the media and gain favor in the public eye by dishonest methods. We refuse the testimony of someone who lies and files outrageous lawsuits in a spirit of DELIBERATE TERRORISM. Don’t forget, God refuses all lies too, and He knows about all INTENTIONAL ACTS OF TERRORISM.



“Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican” (Matthew 18:15-17).

    Matthew 18:15-17 provides blueprints for dealing with sin in a Christian community. Believers must not take one another to worldly courts, but they must deal with issues according to God’s ordained method: (1) mercifully confront the one at fault, and if the individual does not repent, (2) bring others in love and confront the one at fault again; if the individual still does not repent, (3) bring the one at fault before the entire community and address the issue in Christian love; if the individual still refuses to repent, then (4) treat the individual as an unbeliever, according to the Bible, which means the community members must no longer fellowship with the individual as they formerly did.

    Although MS was fully aware of the Biblical standard of Christian accountability, she later decided to misrepresent this principle and use it to cruelly slander the ministry.

    MS held a very high rank—Captain, next in command to General Deborah for the women’s corps. MS certainly knew about how the ministry handled problem members. She knew that incorrigible members were removed from their positions, and, in persistent cases, were excommunicated from the ministry.

    MS was the one who chose the path of unfaithfulness, knowing full-well that her privilege to serve as a part of the ministry could be revoked if she intentionally continued to be problematic. MS’s situation was no different than the situation of a soldier in the U.S. Army or an employee of any corporation. The soldier/worker is privileged to have a position, which means it is up to the soldier/worker to remain faithful to that position, and it is the soldier’s/worker’s choice whether or not to throw away the privilege of that position.

    ACMTC stands by the Biblical procedures for dealing with incorrigible members in a community. Just as the U.S. Military demotes and removes incorrigible officers, traitors, and defectors, ACMTC demotes and removes problematic members. We strictly adhere to the Bible on these matters.

    Most church leaders today refuse to practice the God-given pattern for Christian accountability, probably since it may cause them to lose tithe payers or other personal comforts.

    However, if church leaders truly cared for the souls in their congregations, the leaders would readily practice Christian accountability. Non-confronted sin is a plague—it will only spread and infect many.

    ACMTC, a Christian ministry, simply followed the Christian Bible in how to handle the situation with MS, a professed Christian and member of the Christian ministry.

    Why do the prosecutors not reprimand militaries, businesses, universities, and clubs? Are Christian ministries, or rather, certain Christian ministries, the only organizations that cannot set guidelines and regulations for their workers? Surely those who have harassed ACMTC for upholding the Biblical standard of Christian accountability, must actually apply accountability procedures in their own homes and workplaces! Don’t let MS’s lies deceive you! Surely she must have chosen to submit to the accountability of a boss or manager in all these years after leaving ACMTC!



IN the May 3, 1989 issue of The Gridley Herald, it says, “[LD] and her daughter left the ministry ‘with a police escort’ in March 1987.” This report is an intentional twisting of the truth to incriminate ACMTC.

    Like MS, LD was problematic, and she too was demoted as a consequence. Eyewitnesses report that LD was subsequently vengeful.

    LD fabricated stories and contacted the police. She maliciously accused General Deborah (Lila) of many crimes, one being that the General had often constrained and beaten her. The police came to Headquarters to assess the situation. Authorities realized very quickly that LD was lying, and, notably, the authorities were apparently disgusted about the whole situation.

    LD and her daughter left. The police left too. There was no heroic “police escort.” Furthermore, law authorities filed ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGES against ACMTC. Media personnel made it sound like LD was “rescued” by policemen and “escaped” from ACMTC “with a police escort.” How horribly the truth is twisted!



Virginia P./G. [hereafter: VP/G] was another self-avowed enemy of ACMTC. Those who knew her say that she has been a known welfare fraud, a habitual liar, and a real menace to society. Her own daughter, Julie G., joined ACMTC in 1984.

    Julie had been saved a short while before she met the Generals. At the time of her salvation, she was still living with her mother. Excited about her new relationship with Jesus, Julie would often encourage her mother to seek for real salvation in Jesus Christ. As Julie reports, VP/G became tired of her daughter’s “preaching.” Julie says her mother then tried to kick her (Julie) out of the house.

    Later on, after Julie had been living at ACMTC Headquarters, VP/G suddenly expressed herself as a “concerned mother.” In light of all the indisputable facts, she certainly did not seem concerned about her daughter beforehand! Many report that VP/G simply wanted publicity.

    Julie chose to end regular contact with her irrational mother. VP/G, of course, accused the Generals of “brainwashing” her daughter and told one reporter that “After a while the ministry stopped letting her talk to me” (Sacramento News & Review, 1989, article by Melinda Welsh). No, Julie wrote her mother a letter explaining that she, by her own free will, was choosing to cut off contact.

    Can we blame Julie for not wanting to associate with someone who so violently opposed everything she stood for? Don’t you believe people have the right to freedom of choice on these matters?

    VP/G VIOLENTLY HARASSED the ministry without ceasing, spread terrible lies and ASSAULTED the Generals with unprecedented accusations, just like MS! She even roused large crowds of street thugs—drug dealers and ex-convicts—to TERRORIZE ACMTC with loud shouting, vandalism, and threats of violence. The local court eventually awarded Julie a restraining order against her mother.



Q:   Are ACMTC members required (or “forced”) to cut off all contact with their natural families and friends?

A:   N-O—NO! No one who joins ACMTC is “forced” to do anything. People make their own choices.

    You see, when parents become hysterical and unreasonable, no one can even speak rationally with them. In cases of harassment, it is not wrong for a victim to cut off all contact until there is a proven change in the accuser’s character.

    If a Christian’s parents are outright pagans, the Christian is not supposed to keep in fellowship with them anyway. “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? . . . Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord” (II Corinthians 6:14-17).

    Separation is nothing new or strange. Even worldly militaries use this principle. When someone joins the Army, they are not allowed to see their relatives for a designated period of time. Monasteries and convents function the same way. In many monastic communities, upon joining, one must sign a statement, stating that one agrees to not contact one’s family for a certain duration of time. Sometimes, one must agree to cut off all contact for years. In strict groups, one must agree to NEVER have contact with their natural family again. If one does not want to comply with the regulations, one is not allowed to join the group.

    Now, why do those who slander ACMTC not slander the U.S. military and the numerous monastic communities? Why do they not label those organizations as “dangerous cults”? Why do they not accuse them of “brainwashing”? All branches of the military OPENLY ADMIT that THEY SEEK TO REFORMAT THE SOLDIERS’ THINKING. But if someone wants to wholly dedicate himself to Jesus, separate from the world, and remove himself from all distracting, harassing contacts, then, all of a sudden, he is a victim of negative “brainwashing.” THAT IS A DOUBLE STANDARD!

    Those who ignorantly accuse others are often full of fear and therefore fail to see the obvious truth. How unfortunate that people choose to rant about “cults” and “brainwashing” without examining the FACTS!



“In February 1985, former members accused the ministry of staging armed war games” in El Dorado County (noted by Melinda Welsh in a 1989 issue of Sacramento News & Review). Again, read ACMTC materials and you will realize how absurd this claim was.

    We are Christians, and “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal” (II Corinthians 10:4). ACMTC is “the Army that sheds no blood!” We fight battles in the spirit dimension, not in the natural. We would never engage in natural para-military maneuvers or training. The same article mentioned above also quotes in ACMTC’s favor, stating, “An investigation by sheriff’s authorities failed to turn up weapons, nor were any criminal charges filed.” Knowing this, let us ask, why do people repeat the above allegations that have already been proven false?

    Ironically, IT WAS ACMTC MEMBERS, NOT “FORMER MEMBERS,” WHO REPORTED HEARING GUNSHOTS IN THE EL DORADO COUNTY AREA. The media reported falsely and the whole story was turned against ACMTC to make the ministry look bad. It is a classic example of dishonest journalism believed as truth.



BRAD Rankin was a dedicated soldier of Jesus Christ who died from malaria on the African mission-field. Brad chose to work in Africa, and he was not ashamed to lay his life down for the African people. Before his death, Brad requested that he be buried in Africa. His own sister, Captain Rachel Johnson, and many others can verify this. Brad was a grown man who was mentally and legally able to make his own decisions. However, Brad’s parents and relatives chose to slander the Generals and ACMTC in regards to Brad’s death.

    Probably the most outlandish claim was that ACMTC members had killed Brad and then shipped him over to Africa in a body-bag. This allegation is especially absurd since ACMTC had and still has video footage of Brad working in Africa.

    All accusations legally “fell to the ground,” as they say. Although, as the reports show, Brad’s relatives did manage to hassle legal authorities into compliance to their wishes. The relatives fought to retrieve Brad’s body from Africa, and the government granted them permission to exhume his body. This is where the story gets even more strange. Brad’s body was cremated before it was transported, but it was cremated in a Hindu temple! Then his ashes were shipped to the U.S. Yes, this noble Christian’s body was exhumed and defiled in a non-Christian temple, solely for the satisfaction of irrational relatives who then held a belated funeral in memory of Brad, as if that accomplished anything but to show how deeply unconcerned they were about his dying wishes.

    Siding with Brad’s relatives, one reporter said, “Ministry members had buried [Brad] Rankin in Africa without his parents’ permission” (stated by Charles Gallardo in The Gridley Herald, Wednesday, May 3, 1989). Please, let us listen to common sense. Brad was not a child but a grown man with a desire to be buried in the land where he had laid his life down for God. Brad’s relatives directly violated his adult decision and dying wish. Brad was not “under his parents’ roof,” and he was not legally obligated to them in any way.

    As said before, the truth about Brad can be confirmed by many eyewitnesses, including Brad’s own sister, Captain Rachel Johnson.

    If you recall, Captain Johnson (formerly 1st Lt. Jacque Rankin) is the same woman who lived with MS in the two-story clubhouse. For some reason, no reporter has ever cared to ask Captain Johnson about Brad’s story, just as no reporter has ever cared to ask her about the “shed” incident.



IN a letter to the editor entitled “Ministers comment on ACMTC,” thirteen members of the Gridley-Biggs-Richvale Ministerial Association wrote the following: “What bothers us about ACMTC is not so much their beliefs, but their authoritarian structure and communal lifestyle. Is that something to be afraid of? We do not think so” (The Biggs News Butte County Reporter, Thursday, May 11, 1989). Well, at least these ministers report that the lifestyle led by ACMTC is nothing to fear. These ministers are absolutely right on that!

    Is a grown adult “brainwashed” and “deceived” because he chooses to work for a structured ministry that has leaders and follows the traditionally established Biblical order? Anywhere you go in the world, most people who work are not their own boss. Is it now a crime to work in an organization?

    We ask the accusers to please be consistent. Persecute the military, all businesses, stores, colleges, monasteries, clubs, fraternities, and any other organization that functions by administering some regimentation. Please, think clearly.

    Thankfully, the Ministerial Association members also noted this: “We do not have to agree with their way of doing things, or like them personally. We do have to allow them the freedom to live as they choose to live, so long as they obey the Constitution.” True. ACMTC should not be harassed or terrorized simply because its members choose to live differently than some Americans. We have the right to live Biblically as we please.



ACMTC moved from California to Oregon. In no time, by a continued act of TERRORISM, the sodomite-influenced media, along with some embittered parents of adult ACMTC members, followed the ministry to Oregon and proceeded in more insidious harassment of the ministry.

    Eyewitnesses report that VP/G instigated a gang of criminals to terrorize the ministry, and on three separate occasions, it is said that VP/G and her large band of vandals caravanned up to Oregon and purposefully sought to cause trouble outside the ministry’s new home. These street-thugs were so pumped-full of lies, so irrational, and were making so much chaos that they were responsible for almost causing a head-on vehicle collision right outside the ministry’s home. Subsequently, the police took action and ran the violent insane criminals out of town.

    Sacramento’s Channel 13 television crew, headed by reporter KO, also came to Oregon bearing accusations like those of MS. In a clearly unConstitutional manner, they hoarded around the ministry’s new home and yelled at ACMTC leaders. Then they pounded incessantly on the front door of the ministry’s private home and paraded around the building, peering into windows with their television cameras. Yes, this kind of stuff happens in America, folks! What about the Constitutional rights of American citizens? Well, in this case, the police basically reprimanded the reporters and the local authorities eventually ordered Sacramento’s Channel 13 reporters to leave and never return.  

    Some sensible folks in the police department and a few locals in Oregon were kind to ACMTC members, despite MS’s continued hateful onslaught of lies.



ACMTC moved to southern New Mexico. Upon arrival at its new home in that location, the ministry continued to serve God and spread the Gospel.

    It was the media, again roused by MS’s false accusations, that spitefully slandered ACMTC. Dan Williams of the El Paso Times wrote an article in the Sunday, June 25, 1995 issue, entitled “‘Soldiers of God’ have NM town abuzz.” “Abuzz”—this is a blatant misrepresentation. Please excuse the cynicism, but the only people in Berino who are “abuzz” about anything are the resident drunks.

    The above article had a strange quote from a local who said he had been to the ministry’s home in that location. This man claimed that “There wasn’t a Bible in sight.” That is ABSURD! All ACMTC members have Bibles, and the ministry is regularly distributing Bibles for free—English, French, Spanish, and other translations—all around the world.

    That article was obviously just another attempt to BRUTALLY MALIGN the character of ACMTC by following the trail of MS’s slanderous accusations.



Q:   Who is chiefly responsible for hurling slanderous accusations against ACMTC?

A:  For more than 29 years, members of ACMTC have been the recipients of diverse persecutions. The chief persecutors have been disgruntled parents, reportedly led by the prerogatives of MS and company, especially BB and, in the recent past, Christine L. [hereafter: CL] of Long Island.

    CL is responsible for using telephone communications and other means to repeatedly harass ACMTC, local residents in areas surrounding the ministry’s northern New Mexico home, local sheriffs, state policemen, the F.B.I., legal officials of other various branches and many others. [See the very end of this essay for more details.] Mrs. L’s own husband testified that CL is a friend of MS and regularly talks with MS on the phone.

    Also, in recent years, testimonies report that irrational parents have derived additional inspiration from Rick R. [hereafter: RR]—a self-avowed “cult catcher” and a convicted criminal who is said to have a lifelong history of mental illness. RR was personally involved in trying to “deprogram” (violently harass) one ACMTC member. Notably, MS was there with Mr. RR, aiding his unConstitutional, criminal procedures. [To read the full account of this HORRIFYING TESTIMONY of KIDNAPING, HARASSMENT and the PREMEDITATED VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, see Brad Shank’s (AKA Christopher’s) testimony in our “Px2 Files.”]

    Chris S. [hereafter: CS] must also be exposed. He is a former New Mexico deputy sheriff who became a private investigator. Eyewitnesses recount that he sought to terrify the ministry, once threatening to take away the members’ children.

    By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, ACMTC has always taken persecution in stride. It is terrible that so many have fallen under the spell of MS’s vicious allegations. The ministry has prayed for those who swallowed her venomous lies.



Lie #1    —ACMTC leaders practice “brainwashing.”

TRUTH Please define “brainwashing,” folks! If you are denoting the Generals as cruel Communists, you are horribly deceived and have believed a lie. The Generals help people to think on whatsoever is “true ... honest ... just ... pure ... lovely ... of good report ... [of] virtue ... [of] praise” (Philippians 4:8). This is Biblical. Christians are commanded to THINK on these things,” and Christian leaders are commanded to admonish everyone in such sound doctrine (Titus 2:1; II Timothy 4:1-2 ff.).

    Those who slander the Generals are usually avid TV watchers. If there has been any medium by which the masses in this nation have been “brainwashed” to believe certain philosophies, it has been the medium of television [now it’s the medium of the INTERNET!!!]. Food companies spend fortunes on advertising, trying to “brainwash” people to buy their products. Why don’t the accusers slander all advertising companies?

    Accusations about “brainwashing” are merely attempts to discredit the Generals and ACMTC without any factual evidence. It’s all unsubstantiated hype. This hype surrounding the idea of “brainwashing” makes for a good melodrama, but it does not hold together under reasonable scrutiny.


Lie #2    ACMTC practices kidnaping and abusing children.

TRUTH Another quote from the afore-mentioned Gridley-Biggs-Richvale Ministerial Association answers this allegation well. Against the above charge, the ministers said, “Please folks, don’t get them [ACMTC] mixed up with other groups that we have heard of.” Amen and amen!

    While in Sacramento, ACMTC was twice visited by Child Protection Agency (CPA) workers, who had come to address the above allegations, especially child abuse and neglect. The CPA workers determined the allegations were absolutely false and NO ONE FILED CHARGES.

    Consider also the following quote from Sergeant William Elliot of the Butte County Sheriff’s department. This quote was cited in the May 3, 1989 issue of The Gridley Herald: “...the Sheriff’s department sees ACMTC ‘as just another religious group’...involved in ‘no criminal activity that I know of.’” Gridley Mayor Thomas E. Campton said the same thing: “I haven’t seen them do anything wrong” (quoted in The Sacramento Bee, Sunday, May 7, 1989). Now why do people not pay attention to verified statements like that? Think, if the above allegations were true, would not ACMTC have been shut down long ago? Kidnaping and child abuse are criminal charges. The Generals would already have been locked up if the accusers had even one minuscule shred of evidence to support their claims.

    The early Christian communities of the first, second, and third centuries were faced with the exact same accusations concerning children, so these false allegations are nothing new.


Child Abuse Claims And The UNCONSTITUTIONAL INVASION Of Two Of Our Quiet Homes

On January 28, 2000, a swarm of armed policemen stormed ACMTC’s quiet, peaceful home in northern New Mexico. This invasion was undoubtedly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL.

    What was the reason for the ILLEGAL invasion? What was the purpose of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL raid? The answers lie in the disreputable testimony of a single witness named El Phalen (Kali Jeane Phalen), who brought forth allegations of child molestation and abuse.

    El Phalen initially spoke her allegations to Albuquerque’s KRQE-TV, Channel 13 television reporter Darren W. [hereafter: DW] (who is now a county sheriff in Albuquerque). Without first substantiating the claims, a Channel 13 helicopter flew out to harass ACMTC’s private home and repeatedly circled the property for about an hour, reportedly in order to obtain some camera footage to support allegations against the ministry. DW proceeded to run a television series of biased, factless reports on ACMTC. His hyped-up reports aroused the attention of the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), whose workers also neglected their job to investigate the claims and quickly sought help from law enforcement officials. Special Agent Pete B. [hereafter: PB] of New Mexico’s Public Safety Department apparently leaped to the occasion and pled for a heavily armed raid—without any legal reason to do so—while his boss, Lt. Jim P. [hereafter: JP], sat back and evidently allowed this erratic officer to run wild.

    It is said that another driving force who worked scandalously behind the scenes was none other than RR, who was fueled by past allegations and intentional slanderous reports.

    DW was not unseasoned in public relations. He was a former police official who had just recently quit his job as secretary of the Department of Public Safety. He certainly knew proper legal procedures of investigation; however, Mr. DW apparently forsook his legal training and acted rashly, to put it mildly. Certainly in God’s eyes, and in the eyes of any reasonable person, DW walked away from all integrity by immediately accepting the unsubstantiated witness of a strange, unreliable woman.

    The CYFD should have investigated ALL CLAIMS before any police action was initiated. But as it goes, they shamefully neglected to do their job. “The state’s rationale for attempting to seize the children hinges on statements from a single witness . . . whom law enforcement authorities say has a history of making unfounded allegations” (Mike Taugher, Albuquerque Journal, February 17, 2002). In his February 16th, 2000 article, Mike Taugher cites that “The woman was identified by authorities as El Phalen . . . a transient. Police say Phalen has made unfounded allegations in the past. ‘Our department has had one or two cases involving her that turned out to be nothing,’ said [Johnny V., hereafter: JV], Cibola county undersheriff. ‘I think it’s the department’s opinion that the case should probably have been investigated further’ before the state attempted to remove the children, [JV] said. ...Phalen told the Cibola County Sheriff’s Department that her neighbor was trying to kill her. But that turned out not to be true, [JV] said.”

    So, a woman named El Phalen—a known psychopathic liar—reported allegations to television reporter and former state policeman DW, saying that members of ACMTC were sexually abusing and burning children. DW spread the unproven allegations, and then the New Mexico CYFD heard the allegations on the TV series and blindly believed the un-examined claims! Of course, once the “kill-the-cult” bandwagon starts rolling, many unseemly figures slither to the surface for a ride. Thus the CYFD, prodded on by PB and RR and the accusers, managed to get a search and seizure warrant WITHOUT AN INVESTIGATION OF THE CLAIMS!




    “‘None of this has been confirmed,’ said State Police Capt. [Glen T., hereafter GT] of Gallup, referring to the woman’s allegations. ‘They’re taking it from a witness who is shaky’” (Ibid.). District Attorney Mike R. [hereafter: MR] said “there was no evidence the group had broken any laws.” Thank you for the truth, MR, and again, thank you Cibola County Sheriff L and Undersheriff JV, Captain GT, and others who stood against the lies and did what was right.

    What happened to “innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt”? How did the CYFD manage to slide past the Constitutional methods of investigation? Since when did law enforcement officials—like Lt. JP and Special Agent PB—stop doing background checks on shady witnesses and start operating on hearsay alone?  Without a doubt,




    El Phalen did seek out ACMTC for personal help and she was welcomed into the ministry’s home, but her stay was short. She was asked to leave for two main reasons: 1) she secretly used drugs and would not abandon her addictions when the Generals discovered her secret and confronted her, and 2) she sneaked guns into the camp. As a Christian ministry, ACMTC does not allow its members to continue a drug habit, neither does it allow members to own guns. El Phalen was more than a liability—mentally and physically. Eyewitnesses say that she hated the Generals for making her leave, and her sharp bitterness obviously drove her to seek revenge.

    Local police authorities of northern New Mexico argued with the CYFD, Special Agent PB, and company, and they contended against an armed invasion of ACMTC’s peaceful country home. (The ministry says “Thank you!” to all of the local sheriffs, state policemen and officers who tried to use common sense.) Yet after three days of litigation, the favor fell to the CYFD. Ignorance, fear, and hate took charge and molested truth, justice, and law.



Just think . . .

    Down the road, the swarms of uneasy, hyped-up soldiers are making their final preparations before invasion. Las Cruces sheriffs have already violently broken into the southern mission home of ACMTC members in Berino, New Mexico.

    In Berino, officers appeared at the mission and started pounding furiously on the door. The only person at home was Captain Johnson, an older woman. Since these officers had disguised themselves by wearing “street clothes”, Captain Johnson could not properly identify them, so she hesitated to open the front door. She had very good, wise reasons for hesitating: 1) she was an older woman, by herself; 2) she could not properly identify the raging men as police because they were not in uniform and did not disclose who they were or what they wanted; and 3) Berino is filled with many strange, often dangerous drunks and drug addicts, and so, being cautious, Captain Johnson assumed potential danger.

    Captain Johnson was frightened and hesitated to unlock her home for apparently violent men. In haste, the police took drastic measures.

    They smashed a large expensive window leading into the kitchen and came crawling through the debris like murderous special-forces mercenaries who were ransacking the compound of some drug dealer. It was absolute chaos! UNCONSTITUTIONAL! ULTIMATELY ILLEGAL!

    Why did the police have to crash through the kitchen window when all they had to do was calm down and properly identify themselves? What a disgrace to the image of the New Mexico Public Safety Department, the Las Cruces sheriffs, and the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department! How could those officers completely terrorize an older woman like that without having first investigated the situation? (By the way, even after ACMTC was declared innocent, the law enforcement officials never offered to replace the ministry’s beautiful, expensive kitchen window.) Thankfully, when authorities knocked on the door of ACMTC’s northern New Mexico home, the ministry members could identify the invaders as policemen and therefore let the authorities come in. [Certainly the policemen must have been surprised from the start when they arrived at the edge of our (then) gateless driveway at this particular ACMTC home.]

    We are a simple people. Everyone who reads our literature knows we do not wage natural wars, for our warfare is wholly spiritual. How absurd, yes, HOW UTTERLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL FOR HEAVILY ARMED TROOPS TO STORM THIS PRIVATE HOME AS IF WE HAVE NO RIGHTS LIKE CONVICTED VICIOUS CRIMINALS!

    It is MS and her associates who are the outlaws—who have broken laws and falsified reports, apparently to hurt and silence those whom they hate. Even here, it was the slanderous accusations of MS that instigated El Phalen and others. Therefore, MS IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS COMPLETE VIOLATION OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS, AND RELIGIOUS RIGHTS. IT IS HER LIES THAT INFLUENCED THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL ATTACK—HER LIES INSTIGATE OTHERS TO LIE AND VIOLATE PEOPLE’S HUMAN RIGHTS.

    No one can deny the truth that MS is chiefly responsible for influencing the violation of ACMTC’s rights in this situation and also in other situations. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, ALL THE LIES WILL BE BROUGHT INTO THE LIGHT IN GOD’S PERFECT TIMING. YES, AND UNTIL THEN, EVEN NOW, WE AT ACMTC SHALL NOT LIVE UNDER ANY ACCUSATIONS.

    The New Mexico CYFD was absolutely irrational, to say the very least, for believing DW, PB, RR, the accusers, and especially the mental case, El Phalen—without any legal investigation of the absurd allegations.

    County sheriffs later criticized the CYFD for their unlawful actions and for their trust in a single witness who had a history of lying to police. Remember, the local sheriffs were forced into submission, and really, the state troopers were only obeying orders from PB. But why did Lt. JP, PB’s boss, let PB push forward his “raid hype” without any real proof? Maybe PB did not tell Lt. JP everything he was planning...maybe he did. Either way, there is no excuse for Lt. JP to have neglected to keep a tight handle on his officer’s wild, illegal ideas.

    Why did no one in the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department ever point out that the claims were outlandish accusations that had no factual backing?

    Thank the Lord Jesus Christ, the kids were on a field trip during the DW-CYFD-PB-RR scandal. However, there is no excuse for the state’s acts of TERRORISM, or for MS’s accusations that instigated the terrorism.

    Many unauthorized maneuvers occurred during the raid. PB prodded into the personal affairs of ACMTC members by having troopers interrogate every resident, and he took pictures of those who were present (an action that was neither appointed nor necessary). PB was only supposed to be there to steal children, not harass our members, which means his procedures were totally unwarranted.

    At any rate, the very day of the invasion, nearly all the policemen personally apologized to the Generals. County sheriffs and state policemen emphasized that they contested the raid for three straight days, and that they were not aligned with Special Agent PB but “belonged to another department.” Lt. JP even apologized, eventually, and hopefully he meant it. Although, he did promise to perform an investigation on PB, but he never got back to us with a report. Some say he probably did not want to incriminate himself.

    After weeks and weeks of relying on the justice of Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ finally vindicated ACMTC. ALL COURT PROCEDURES WERE DROPPED, AND THE STATE DECLARED ACMTC INNOCENT OF ALL ALLEGATIONS. As for El Phalen, she disappeared. That is no surprise since the police were “on her trail”, wanting to file criminal charges against her.



An unfaithful woman is kicked out of the ministry, she becomes hateful against the Generals, and all of a sudden, THE ALLEGATIONS ARE FLYING. The media embraces the lies, spreads the lies, and tries to incriminate the ministry. Is it just coincidence, or do you hear the reoccurring siren song of MS? Do you not see the pattern?

    El Phalen knew about the California scandal and obviously copied MS’s behavior. She may have thought she could steal properties from ACMTC, just as MS and BB had done. Well, it did not work this time. Why not? It did not work because certain legal authorities were finally pressed to do their job and investigate the allegations and the accuser.

    If you love to discern the truth, you must be pondering these important points:


1) A simple investigation of the facts proved that El Phalen is a compulsive liar with a shady personal history. Should not California authorities perform an investigation to finally discover the truth about MS’s character and personal history?


2) The state of New Mexico analyzed the facts and discovered that ACMTC is innocent on every point regarding El Phalen’s gross accusations. Should not authorities in the state of California make a proper investigation to finally show forth the innocence of ACMTC on every point in regard’s to MS’s equally vicious, gross accusations?


3) Albuquerque reporter DW promulgated false claims without first investigating the facts. Should we not also question the character of all the California reporters who NEVER VERIFIED THE TRUTH but RASHLY SLANDERED ACMTC with malignant comments on the printed page and TV screen?


    It is time for the accusers to reconsider their opinions and biased perceptions. Was MS simply an “El Phalen” who managed to slither away from an official investigation?

    God gave ACMTC far reaching victories through all the persecution. For example, no longer will New Mexico’s local police blindly accept charges that are spewed out in ill manner against ACMTC. Thank you, Jesus Christ!

    ACMTC’s members have forgiven all their persecutors, from MS to El Phalen and all others. That does not mean that this ministry will not expose the truth. It means that our members honestly hold no bitter grudges against anyone. In fact, as a ministry, the members of ACMTC often cry out to the Lord Jesus in intercessory prayer on behalf of their persecutors.

    The Generals have graciously sent written letters and e-mails to those who despise them, expressing their forgiveness and their concern for the eternal destination of each individual. Sadly, the Generals have received hateful responses in return. MS wrote an especially vengeful e-mail in response to a tender letter that General Deborah sent to her. How terrible! But this is life as a real Christian, and Jesus blesses us in the midst of persecutions.

    ACMTC greatly appreciated the apologies of the County sheriffs, state policemen and others who were victims of the system in their own way in the year 2000 raid. Again, thank you very much for your concern!


Lie #3    ACMTC harbors guns.

TRUTH We have already addressed this nonsense. Our warfare is purely, only spiritual.

    Claims should be substantiated with evidence, not rumors. This ministry has no criminal record of harboring guns. LET THE ACCUSERS PRODUCE SOME REAL POLICE REPORTS, PLEASE! The Biggs News Butte County Reporter, May 4, 1989 issue refers to reporters who toured ACMTC's home in East Biggs, and the reporters said, “There is no sign of weapons or weapon paraphernalia.” Amen for an honest report!


Lie #4    ACMTC leaders force new members to move in.

TRUTH There are many ACMTC friends and “members” throughout the U.S. and around the world. Everyone we associate with is not a resident at our northern New Mexico Headquarters, and anyone who visits us is not obligated or coerced to stay. Resident members are those who have chosen to stay because they felt God called them to live here, and they were subsequently welcomed.

    Millions of true Christians live in diverse places around the world. They are all “members” of the Body of Christ. For your information, we turn down many people who want to come live here at Headquarters, and we tell them to minister the Gospel in their own locale.

    We here at Headquarters take our lives very seriously. As best as we can, we do not waste our time. We are fully aware that certain types of individuals could not handle the Christian vigorousness of our Biblical lifestyle. So even when someone expresses an interest to join, we make sure they understand the level of commitment it takes to live here. ACMTC is not a laid-back church for loafers, but an uncompromising Spirit Army for aggressive Christian soldiers.


Lie #5    ACMTC leaders force new members to change their names.

TRUTH No one is coerced to change their name. People seek God and have their names changed by their own free choice.

    God changed the names of many of His disciples spoken of in the Bible. In fact, one Christian scholar from Romania claimed that all Christian women in the early Church may have been titled with the same first name! How about that for a cult!

    How wonderful it is to have your Creator rename you! If you think it is strange for the Lord to rename His people, then contend with Abraham (Abram), Sarah (Sarai), Israel (Jacob), Ruhama (Loruhama), Ammi (Loammi), Paul (Saul), and many others.

    When someone adopts a child, they change the child’s name to their own. It is beautiful for parents to welcome new children into their home and rename them. A new name is like a new label—it identifies you and often describes who you are. “Oh, I’m sure he’s a fine young man. He’s a Johnson...”—as if the name expressed his character. God promises all Christians—all overcomers—a new name: “To him that overcometh will I give...a white stone, and in the stone a NEW NAME written” (Revelation 2:17). The “white stone” symbolizes our absolution from sin, and the “new name” is our name of adoption into the Family of God. God often manifests this truth in the here-and-now, like a demonstration of things happening in the Spirit. Do a study on new names in the Bible. It is fascinating!

    Enemies of God even receive new names at times. “Then said Jeremiah unto him, The Lord hath not called thy name Pashur, but Magormissabib. For thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will make thee a terror to thyself, and to all thy friends” (Jeremiah 20:3,4). That is one way you do not want God to rename you. The accusers should pay heed.


Lie #6    The Generals force new members to fast (abstain from food).

TRUTH Actually, the truth is quite the contrary. Yes, ministry members practice the discipline of fasting, at times, but no one here is ever forced to fast. All of us who fast do so because we want to gain more ground in the Spirit. We enjoy fasting!

    Here is the real issue: Most professing Christians (or non-Christians) who oppose fasting do so either because they are ignorant about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of fasting or because they hold some personal bias against fasting.

    In point of fact, God condones fasting. Jesus said, “Moreover WHEN ye fast, be not as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance . . . But thou, WHEN thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face” (Matthew 6:16,17). Note what He said: “WHEN ye fast . . . WHEN thou fastest.” Jesus was assuming that Christians will definitely fast at times. Jesus did not say “IF ye fast,” but “WHEN ye fast.”

    The context of the above chapter is dealing with proper procedures for certain spiritual “exercises” like fasting and prayer. Jesus had just finished telling his disciples how to pray, saying, “And WHEN thou prayest...” (v.5)—again, His words reveal what He expects of His people. Jesus did not say, “IF thou prayest,” but “WHEN thou prayest.” Naturally, then, we discover that the Lord expects His people to fast just as He expects them to pray.

    What is next? Will the accusers, including professed Christians, say that the Generals force new members to PRAY???


Lie #7    The Generals force new members to throw away their stuff or give them their stuff.

TRUTH Anyone who comes to live at ACMTC Headquarters may bring and keep all personal items so long as those items are not objects of worldliness and sin. ACMTC functions by the standard of Godliness as defined by the Bible just as the military and private universities function by their own designated standards.

    In no way do the Generals beg for “stuff.” That is the last thing on their minds. Indeed, all members of ACMTC are primarily concerned with the eternal destiny of perishing souls. Materialism is not our god.

    Let us think again on the standards of Godliness. Are the leaders of ACMTC not allowed to place regulations on what is and is not appropriate for the health, well-being, and proper function of this ministry? Do not church leaders have board meetings to solve questions and arrive at “sound counsel” for their congregations?

    The U.S. military is very strict about what it allows new recruits to have and not have. In fact, it monitors everything: the military DICTATES what one will wear, the length of one’s hair, the nature and amount of personal belongings one may have in one’s barracks, the menu one eats and WHEN one will eat it, and even CONTROLS the time for sleeping and the time for waking up. Furthermore, the military FORCES soldiers to exercise and participate in vigorous drills and a number of exasperating disciplines. By prevailing definitions, the U.S. military must be a really, really, REALLY DANGEROUS “CULT”!


Lie #8    The Generals control who gets married and who gets a divorce.

TRUTH This is a ridiculous allegation. The Generals leave the decision of marriage and divorce to each individual member. They have no reason to force anyone into marriage or out of marriage.

    This accusation is like so many—just a cruel attack on the character of the Generals.


Lie #9   The leaders and resident members of ACMTC think they are the only Christians in the world.

TRUTH That is absurd. Read the ministry’s literature and learn about what ACMTC really teaches. There are millions of true Christians living all around the world.

    Those who set forth this accusation always misquote the Generals and pull words out of context.


Lie #10 ACMTC members never question the Generals, but blindly believe everything they say.

TRUTH This, too, is absurd. Luke wrote, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). While Paul wrote, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (I Thessalonians 5:21). All ACMTC members respectfully practice these truths. ACMTC’s Christian soldiers are not meant to be mindless robots. And the Generals are not totalitarian dictators who think they are perfect.



EVERY move this ministry has made, every new door that God has opened, whatever the Lord has allowed ACMTC to endure, it has all been for the good of God’s people. The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps is eternally blessed! Though multitudes have tried to slay the ministry’s image, and some have even tried to harm the members’ bodies, Jesus has kept this ministry in His hands. The innumerable slanders and persecutions have only brought this ministry to higher realms in the Spirit.

    Those who have driven ACMTC from its homes and have viciously stolen its businesses do not realize that God used the persecutions to usher His people into more blessed circumstances. This ministry rejoices in God!



IT is an awful tragedy when bystanders will accept outlandish allegations without examining any factual evidence. Furthermore, the natural relatives of ministry members act WHOLLY IRRATIONAL when they believe accusations that were NEVER PROVEN TRUE. The parents’ dispositions and actions are especially uncalled-for when MOTHERS AND FATHERS ACCEPT THE HEARSAY OF COMPLETE STRANGERS OVER AND AGAINST THE SURE, HONEST TESTIMONY OF THEIR OWN ADULT SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

    JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SUPPRESSED BY IGNORANCE FOREVER. It is true that in the end, when the whole world stands before the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ will recompense all wrongdoing. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

    Thank God, the Generals and ACMTC are still alive and well—BY THE SHEER GRACE OF GOD!!!—and the ministry is moving forward internationally in Jesus Christ the Lord.

    “The Other Side of the Story” is merely a brief summary of key points. This presentation is far from exhaustive. ACMTC holds MANY MORE documents and articles that contain much, much more NOTEWORTHY INFORMATION. See the “FINAL NOTE” below for more details.

    How tragic that some professed Christians futilely waste so much of their time and energy trying to undermine a legitimate Christian ministry! We pray, even now, for our persecutors and all who are either directly or indirectly involved in the spreading of lies against ACMTC. We pray that you would REPENT.

    We pray that God’s will be done in all things. We pray that Jesus Christ the Lord would receive all glory through the growing worldwide ministry of ACMTC, and we members know, without question, that truth will one day prevail, whether it be in time or at last in eternity. Amen.    



ACMTC still holds original documents, notarized statements, news articles and more from the ministry’s early days of persecution in California, along with original articles, etc., from later periods until the present. In California, MS wrote a number of personal, handwritten letters of confession to the Generals during the time just before she filed her lawsuit, and ACMTC has those pre-lawsuit confessions on file. In addition to this, ACMTC possesses a good number of detailed personal testimonies that verify the truths presented within the above article.

    Moreover, ACMTC has cassette recordings of Christine L.’s (CL’s) slanderous, erratic phone messages. She snarls, growls, hisses, rants and rages; sings, cries, and even insanely moans. Anyone who listens to these recordings will see the vicious and irrational nature of the ministry’s antagonistic persecutors.

   We have received many positive responses since we have uploaded the "Px2 Files." It is wonderful to know that some people are still interested in the facts! But man is not our Redeemer. We are thankful for the positive responses, however,

we depend upon the Lord Jesus Christ as our only True mainstay.



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