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Good Conquers Evil

“Letters from Steven”


“Do not let evil defeat you, instead conquer evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

And so, this brings us to the following excerpts taken from Steven Schmierer’s letters to us (dates recorded). Steven is the youngest son of Maura Schmierer; he was 5 years old at the time of Maura’s SUPPOSED captivity in the “shed.” Her story, and I literally mean STORY,” has been that we held her CAPTIVE for 6 MONTHS (at other times it was said to be 10 WEEKS), whereby she claims that she never got to be with her kids. She stated this under oath in the Court of Sacramento, Calif., and on the Dr. Phil TV show (2006), and lately on the National Geographic TV show—“I Escaped from a Cult,” which aired for 3 weekends in a row in April of 2012.

     Now, let me present, AT LAST!, Steven’s letters, which speak VOLUMES about what “Momma Maura” is all about. I hope you pneumo-craniacs (i.e., “AIR-HEADS”) will consider who you are supporting, i.e.,



 Forward to Generals by Howard Taylor 

Sent: 4/16/12

Have you seen the latest on Maura Schmierer and the Aggressive Christians group?


The PX2 Conspiracy, The Documentary www.youtube.com/user/ThePx2Files

A documentary exposing the deliberate attempts to discourage, demonize and destroy an aggressive missionary Jesus army, ACMTC--the “army that sheds no blood”, as it attempts to be faithful to the Great Commission funded by their own pockets which were picked by an embittered defector who with the help...


 REPLY to Howard from Steven Aaron 


Sent: 4/16/12

Yeah, I know my mother has her faults; we all have faults and “sin.” I told her recently that I want to only hear the good things about my father (I hardly know anything about him) instead of only the negative things; I said that there is GOOD in my father. I was five years old when I left this so-called “cult.”

I do not approve of Dr. Phil, and my mother, Maura, said that she no longer does as well. I did not watch most of what you sent me, but that part about my mother expressing a desire to hop in the sack with a black man while in Africa really disturbs me. To be honest, I am not so certain that it is false. Hopefully, she never acted on these terribly sinful desires if she indeed had them. Sometimes I get so upset with my mother and then I am reminded of how many other dupes there are in this world.

My mother is duped and deceived and so is the rest of this sick American society.

 Letter #1 

Sent: 4/17/2012, 8:58pm

Subject: The Boy You Once Knew


I left your group at the age of five. I’m 29 years old now and I will be 30 on Nov. 8, 2012. I have lived mostly as a recluse for the past sixteen years. Say hello to my father for me, whose name was “Steven Del Schmierer” before he changed it.

You might remember what I looked like as a little boy. My family has very few pictures of me because I often refuse to be photographed, but this is what I look like as an adult:

Nathaniel and Maura claim that I look somewhat like my father when he was my age. Since I do not have any pictures of him, I do not know what he looked like. I do not talk to these two -- Nathaniel and Maura -- very often and they know very little about me. I would like to meet my father in person before one of us dies; although, this is not likely to happen.

- Steven Aaron Schmierer


Sent: 4/18/12, 6:06am

Dear Steven Aaron,

Greetings in Jesus. Of course we remember you and have prayed many prayers for you, and from your expression it appears that you know the Lord which has been your father’s prayer and desire for you. We have conveyed your greetings to your father and he is overjoyed to hear from you. Whether you know it or not, you were an integral part of our lives, and very much so with your father. As when you were only two and one half years old, your father was required by God to give you up to Him, that He did and came home from a mission trip to the Philippines very elated that he had given you to God. Now it seems God is giving him back the opportunity to know you at least through communication. Our God is good and He is mercy. As for us we loved you then and do love you now as His child. You used to sleep in our bedroom and were as our son for a time period, during those years of God’s dealings with His people. We are really sorry for this horrid affair, we have as you may know moved to Oregon and then to New Mexico in order not to have to be involved with this and now your mother has had us in the court for eight years here to strip us again and we are surviving and will survive her continuing campaign to destroy us, because she would not accept God’s dealings in her life.

But those things are not to mar your desire for communication and we will love and accept you as God’s child and welcome any further communication with you and also can arrange for you to hear from your father if you want that. Also did you view any of the youtube data your father has some current footage in number six. He often asks if anyone has ever heard of you so now his heart is satisfied.

Feel free to write regularly if you so desire we are here and will answer.

With love and prayers,

Generals Jim and Deborah Lila Green

and other “cult” members

who are praying for you.


 Letter #2 

Sent: 4/19/12, 8:07am

Subject: Re: The Boy You Once Knew

Dear Jim and Deborah / Lila,

The whole lot of them -- Nathaniel, Maura, and Rebekah -- have lost their faith in Jesus Christ and have been persuaded to believe that the Bible is false. “Sin” is all around us now and it is far too easy to get caught up in it for the average American. We went from a Christian society to a Babylonian “hellhole.”

Since they seem to reject and possibly mock/despise God’s Word...

...and they have appeared on TV (Nathaniel might have declined the opportunity) and in Court, both of which are owned and operated by those who do not typically have the best interests of our nation in mind...

I have not been persuaded to believe everything I have been told about your ministry and my father in particular. My mother has presented her biased views of my father to me, but I was never convinced of them. In fact, I told her that I would rather only hear about the positive things concerning my father because I know there is good in him (i.e., if you have nothing positive to say then just don’t say anything!). I do not believe that she is without fault/sin in this entire mess, including the reason as to why my father might have moved against her (spiritual adultery and possibly the real thing).

Since I have the same name that my father once did and I look like him to some degree, this probably gives her some unwarranted animosity towards me...I have been falsely accused and slandered by my mother as well...

...we have always had a big communication problem; it is difficult to seriously talk to the current population of dupes and unbelievers on serious and important issues. I am glad to hear that my father has asked about me. Even though I never got to know him, he was still in my thoughts and memories at least a few times a year while growing up, and even to this day.

I have watched a few parts of these YouTube videos (I might go back to them later to see #6) and my mother has asked me to watch whatever was recently produced by “her side” of the story. I declined because it was probably the same old stuff that I have heard before (but perhaps recycled)...

Thanks a bunch for relaying my e-mail communications to my father because this is something that really needed to be done.

...please tell him that I am not his enemy and that I love him. I even once overheard Nathaniel come clean and say something along the lines of “he is still my father and I love him.”


Steven Aaron Schmierer


Sent: 4/19/12, 3:50pm

Subject: Letter and pictures from your father

Dear Steven Aaron,

Greetings in Jesus. Thanks for the letter and we are glad to hear that you are a continuing believer in Jesus even though many of those who are there have fallen away. Below is the letter from your father, please feel free to keep in contact as we are praying for you and are glad to have communication with you.



Hello, My Son, Steven,

It has been a long time since I have heard from you, twenty five years in fact. I am so grateful and overjoyed to hear that you are alive and interested in us. Attached are pictures of your younger sister, Hannah Joy and myself. One scripture that has come to mind is Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh it is a tree of life.” You were dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, to serve Him and make a difference in your life.

That is what this scripture is saying, there has been a waiting time, but now let Him ignite your life! When I was thirty years old, He made me a new man in Christ. He gave me a new family.

Before that I was a misfit, I just didn’t fit in with anybody. Sound familiar?

There is hope in Jesus Christ. Lord thank you for this chance to say, I love you all over again, and that your ways are perfect, even though we don’t understand every thing, you are faithful.

We love you Steven and hope to see His faithfulness in your life.

Sincerely your father,




Hi Steven hope this letter is a blessing to you and that you like the pictures. Phil is really a dedicated soldier for the Lord and has served the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly all these years, and you can be proud of him. Hannah is a wonderful girl who loves Jesus with all of her heart and is dedicated to Him and this community, she is a great help to us all.

Please take the time to read the PX2 files on www.aggressivechristianity.net, this will give you a clearer perspective of what has gone on all these years, for your information.

With love and prayers,

Generals Jim and Deborah Lila Green

 Letter #3 

Sent: 4/21/12, 9:29pm

Subject: Re: Letter and pictures from your father

Dear Jim and Deborah / Lila,

I feel rewarded to have received these words given to me by my father. I feel as if I am not that much of a misfit, yet I have my own shortcomings.

I have read some of the pages on your website, and I agree that my mother has been caught in too many contradictions,...

The truth still matters to me!

My mother mentioned a while ago that I was the victim of child abuse and that she was ordered to beat me when I was not anywhere near a legitimate disciplinary age (I was harshly punished as a 6-month-old baby!?). I gave my mother some agreement at that point and sympathized with her cause.

My mother and brother had no problems leaving your community by their own free will. It also seems rather strange that the child abuse my mother and half-sister mention was carried out by their own hands.

I am certainly not going to chase you all down and sue the heck out of you for it, even if I were guaranteed to get twenty million dollars by doing so. If I remember correctly, my mother was awarded one million dollars out of the outrageous twenty million in damages that was initially asked for...

I appreciate what you have done for me by informing my father of these letters and having him write me back.

I think my mother received much more “brainwashing” in the outside Zionist / “Judeo-Christian” 501c3 church that she was sucked into after leaving the compound in Sacramento. Thankfully, she is no longer a part of this “church.” My mother has been lied to about True Christianity, and this apostate “church” was a primary source of her disinformation. I tried to deprogram her, but she got “freaked out” because I presented something to her that was filled with Bible verses (which she refused to read), and this apparently somehow reminded her of my father and the time spent in your ministry.

This might be all that I have to say for a while unless I have any questions or I feel compelled to write to you further.


Steven Aaron Schmierer

 Letter #4 

Sent: 4/27/12, 11:14am

Subject: X Street Files to the Present

Dear General Deborah Green,

I read your essay covering the years 1970 through 2004. You would probably get a laugh out of some of the things I have said about my mother in a few e-mails to my (former) friend and a Christian pastor; I accused her of some of the things that you have, including behind-the-back slander and false accusation...

I am beginning to feel sorry for her because I think that she is in serious trouble with God, as are a lot of other people. I am positive that she truly thinks she is in the right about everything, and despite of the foolishness in her past life to the present...

I must admit that I believe her to be quite deceived with no desire to admit her own wrongdoings in this entire mess. I actually want to believe that you're lying about some of the things you have mentioned about my mother, especially the part about her giving permission for her 2-year-old child to be ABUSED as a "group sex object...

It is not like she is not guilty of being dishonest about you. I ran into Bob Blasier in the Sacramento Superior Court a few years ago, but I did not make much of an effort to communicate with him. He is most likely another scumbag lawyer as you have suggested. I wonder what kind of damage he is responsible for in duping my mother! And then there are all of the idiots from NHCF (New Hope Christian Fellowship) that did further damage to her.


Steven Aaron Schmierer

 Letter #5 

Sent: 5/2/12, 9:58am

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes

Dear General Jim/James Green,

I do not have much of a problem with you posting a few snippets of my communications with you on your website, although you never asked for permission! You can do as you see fit to defend yourself in the face of adversity, but I am not entirely immune to the consequences of speaking truthfully as I see it: once my family finds out, I am sure to receive problems. Regardless, thanks for not mentioning my name/identity. They will most likely find out eventually, but I believe that God will take care of me even if they all turn against me.


Steven Aaron Schmierer


Sent: 5/3/12, 8:33am

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes

Dear Steven Aaron,

Thanks for your letter, with reference to what you mentioned I had no intention of using your name. Why are you afraid of standing for Jesus and righteousness? Your own father has been victimized with the rest of us all of these years by your mother’s lies and false accusations. You know your self that she is very capable of slander, false accusation, adultery, lying, thievery, and bearing false witness. Also you know that the Bible tells us that our enemies will be those of our own household, if we stand for Christ Jesus. Also if we are living godly we are given the promise that WE WILL SUFFER PERSECUTION.

Truthfully your father is sad over the fact that you have not stood for him, and you continue to believe you should honor your mother who is not a Christian as she has left her first estate and taken up idols (on her facebook she declares her idolatry in that she is Buddhist) Your father has remained true to the Lord Jesus Christ and has not turned aside to idols nor abandoned Jesus Christ. If you are going to use the scripture to honor YOUR FATHER and your mother, remember this. Never once does the Bible tell us to honor a person who is a rebel, a transgressor, hater of God and an inquisitor against the righteous. She has gained her own acclaim through lies and false accusations and you are honoring that? YOU ARE HONORING A DEMON INSPIRED PERSON WHO IS USED OF SATAN TO PERSECUTE TRUE BELIEVERS. Your father is shocked at how squeamish you are about taking a stand for the Lord and honoring him, as your father in this affair. Your father, yes should be honored by you, because he is a true believer.



2 Timothy 3:12

“Indeed ALL who delight in piety and are determined to live a devoted and godly life in Christ Jesus will meet with persecution--that is, will be made to suffer because of their religious (Christian) stand.”


Matthew 10:36

“And a man’s enemies will be they of his own household.”


Eph. 5:11

“Take no part in and have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds and enterprises (like taking others to court on false accusations and committing PERJURY IN COURT UNDER OATH) of darkness, but instead expose and reprove, and convict them”. (have you done this?)

 Letter #6 

Sent: 5/4/12, 3:47pm

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes

Dear All,

YES, I HAVE TRIED! Believe me, under my circumstances, it is very difficult to get through to my thick-skulled mother. I tried talking to my mother several times. Trust me; I have put my neck out there on the line for what I consider to be True Christianity by exposing enemies much more powerful than my duped mother, and I did all of this on faith alone. I expect to be hated and even murdered now. I am not concerned by getting screwed over by my family members because I condemn their obvious lies. In fact, I would not have written you if I feared them! However, I am currently not in best in the best circumstances for them to suddenly all turn on me and disown me. I will probably get back to you in a more lengthy reply; I typed this in haste.

 Letter #7 

Sent: 5/4/12, 5:19pm

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes (2nd short reply)


I do not expect my family to be ignorant of my communications with you. I put my full name in these letters and I spoke my mind with no silly assurances that it would never be made known to the few people that I still have some communication with; my family.

I believe that my mother is set on attempting to attack you,...

I might actually be more of a friend than a foe towards you in the long run, yet, I do not even know all that much about you! If I think that you deserve some further help from me, I will attempt to confront her AGAIN on what she has been saying and you never know if I could possibly get her to stop her will to sue you through the court system. I am very upset with Americans in general (not just my mother) due to their lack of knowledge and understanding as to what has been happening to us for so long now.


Sent: 5/8/12, 3:29pm

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes (2nd short reply)

Dear Steven,

Praise God, check out this link there are some excellent things on this regarding the dirty cult word which some have chosen to labor and therefore demonize us with.


 Letter #8 

Sent: 5/9/12, 6:02pm

Subject: Re: Duped Dupes (2nd short reply)

Dear Jim/James and Deborah/Lila,

My mother might already be too far “gone” to accept the real Bible truth, which is not to be found in the vast majority of the churches that are littered throughout this country. California is full of borderline retarded liberals (“libtards”). What Maura has put into her mind throughout the course of her life has been the usual LIES that most other Americans have also swallowed. We have a society that consists of heavily brainwashed and duped idiots. Of course, this is all by the design of “Satan” (the Adversary). I often wish that God would pull an Ezekiel 9 on this country and elsewhere, because I am “fed up” with living among these completely clueless slaves that seem to care more about worthless junk than they do God and what is right.

I will begin to prepare myself for the side effects of being attacked by my own family members for disagreeing with their dishonest methods of attacking you. I remember that “shed” that my mother was in because I stayed in it with her for a little while. We would often walk well outside the property and go to other areas ... maybe even to some parks if I remember correctly. I remember she found objects like combs lying around and she collected them for later use. I might remember her actually boiling them in hot water to sanitize them, so I wonder if there was a stove in that “shed” as well. I can’t just simply give my family a passing nod or an agreement with what they have been saying the next time the subject of “the Greens” comes up, so I need to prepare myself to give an honest disagreement. It is totally unchristian to go and sue the way that she did. I was never really much into any conversations with them concerning you or your family, but in recent years my mother has possibly lied to me when she told me that she was ordered to “whip” me when I was only a baby. I do not remember the word “beat” being used, but if it is true that she beat me up when I was 6 months old, we ought to give her a new title: Maura, the baby-beater!

- Steven Aaron Schmierer


Sent: 5/10/12, 6:07am

Subject: Pray She confesses her lies and repents

Dear Steven,

"Jesus was still speaking to the people when behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak to Him. Some one said to Him, Listen! Your mother and Your brothers are standing without seeking to speak to You. BUT HE REPLIED TO THE MAN WHO TOLD HIM, WHO IS MY MOTHER, AND ARE MY BROTHERS? AND STRETCHING OUT HIS HAND TOWARD (NOT ONLY THE TWELVE DISCIPLES, BUT ALL HIS ADHERENTS) HE SAID, HERE ARE MY MOTHER AND MY BROTHERS. FOR WHOEVER DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN IS MY BROTHER AND SISTER AND MOTHER!" Amplified

"And He stretched forth His hand toward His disciples, and He said Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." KJV

Scriptures found in Matthew chapter twelve verses forty six through fifty.

It has been our prayer for years that she would repent, confess her lies and be restored. However as you say she is very thick skulled and very stubborn. But the truth of it is that she and Bob Blasier thought up the whole lying scheme to utterly destroy us and of course take any and all revenues and resources we had. They both have publicly confessed that it is their intent to see us destroyed. Why? For telling the truth, for living for God, for loving Jesus, for desiring to see souls redeemed. Bob Blasier is an evil man and he influenced her yet it was the evil of her heart which has sealed her in her prison house of lies. As the years progress her lies grow more and more outlandish as you yourself are seeing. Why? Because unless she repents and confesses her lies, she will remain locked in that prison house. Neither she nor Blasier have succeeded in destroying us, they have simply proven themselves to be the enemies of God.

We encourage you to do what ever you must do to stand with God and righteousness rather than go along with lies and liars. Your half sister once knew the truth and stood for it, but because of her own greed and sins has joined in the party to lie against us. The same is true with Nate, he fought his way out of your mother's house when the divorce happened although your dad initially had custody of all of you, she re-sued for custody in order to make her plight appear more pathetic. When Nate was taken by her, he fought out of that environment and had a strong testimony, he went back because of greed and became a "paid" defector, informant.

As you mention yourself they/she are the baby beaters yet they try to blame us? Why? BLAME GAME WILL BRING SHAME.

May you choose the Lord in this affair and obey Him.

General Jim Green

 Letter #9 

Sent: 5/11/12, 2:59am

Subject: Re: Pray She confesses her lies and repents

Dear Jim,

I have prayed to the Bible God for my mother to see the error of her ways and repent of them like you requested of me in your e-mail subject. You have given me information about my family members that I never had access to before. I feel like some of the damage of my past has already been undone. Lies can be ever so damaging. I do not know if it is a good or a bad thing that I remained ignorant of the true events behind my mothers past association with you for all these years. I couldn't make it out when I was a little boy that she was guilty of any wrongdoing, but I had some intelligent insight that she was not the innocent victim that she has been claiming to be several months prior to my communication with you.

...you heard by mere rumor from someone that she was having sex with a "pastor" from New Hope. The enemies of our nation have addicted so many people to sex, and the thought of it is all over the place in advertisements, movies, video games, Internet pornography, etc. The younger generation of today is probably even worse off than the stupid hippie generation in terms of illicit sexual behavior...

For the record, I am not one of Maura's Facebook dupes; I actually think Facebook is stupid. I am only on there to check up on my family members and what they have been saying.

If they're dumb enough to advertise all of their personal stuff to the entire world, that is their own fault...

Steven A. Schmierer


Sent: 5/11/12, 8:07am

Subject: Letters

Dear Steven,

Okay here is how it is, the fellow who is doing the youtube refutation of the lies against us originally instigated by your mother and Bob Blasier has one slot left. Now I want to know if you are willing to cooperate if I want to publish excerpts from your letters which pertain to this matter on that final section with your name attached. I know that you have hinted at confrontation with her. But we feel if these things were made public with your name attached that it would indeed allow things to be looked at more squarely.

Write me back soon as I said, we have one remaining episode and we want to move forward in this. Let me know as soon as possible because we all need to face this grand deception and let the mask be ripped off of the demon forces that are inhabiting your mother. Included in that will be the call to confess her sin and repent of her lies.

Confident I will hear back from you soon.

Gen. Jim

 Letter #10 

Sent: 5/11/12, 4:08pm

Subject: Re: Letters

Dear Jim,

Do not do anything without my permission. I need to think about this and consider everything. I will give you a follow-up in the coming days as I pray. We all need to be open to correction, including not only our personal sins, but possible misunderstandings of Scripture. You will receive another e-mail from me, but you’re welcome to reply to this short one.

 Letter #11 

Sent: 5/12/12, 4:31am

Subject: Re: Letters

Dear Jim,

Anyway, I am leaning towards letting you do what you requested of me. Hopefully you do not include only the negative things that I mentioned about her. Once she finds out, I am probably going to be under fire from not only her, but my half sister and probably brother as well. The big issue I have here is with her obvious lying in order to demonize you and get sympathy while at the same time avoiding the fact that she committed adultery (do you actually have proof of this?). I will probably give my mother all of the letters that I sent you once she gets on my case about it, but this might be avoided. I am standing for what is right, and it is wrong to stand on the side of a lie. That “shed” story is a myth/hoax.

- Steven Aaron Schmierer


Sent: 5/13/12, 3:22am

Subject: The Truth

Dear Steven,

Greetings in Jesus. Praise God today we want to address a few things with you that you need to know.

First of all, we are not in a hateful or revengeful frame of mind towards your natural mother, Maura. Because you may not realize it but we have always looked at her as our spiritual child who went astray. We have fasted and prayed for her many times throughout the years, and just in fall of 2011, we, the both of us, and our son, Joshua went on a forty day fast that she would confess her lies, repent of the same, and be restored unto Jesus. We have not counter sued her although many attorneys have advised us to do so, we did not fight her in the court in the beginning although we had sufficient evidence against her lies to blow her away because the Bible tells us to not go to court one against another. We did not appear on the Dr. Phil show although we could have as we were invited more than once, because we thought it the devil's game to appear on such a farce and argue with someone publicly over things that should have been settled with God. Now we are not hating her, we are simply standing somewhat publicly against the lies she has put forth all these years and also against the propaganda she has promoted to have us destroyed. You have no idea of the life threats, the hatred, the false accusations that have come our way over the years because of her "shed story" which you your self have declared to be a myth, a hoax. We have put up with it all by the grace of God still praying she would repent. We have put physical distance between us and her as we live in New Mexico rather than California yet she and her companion in crime, Bob Blasier have pursued us here. We have been in eight years now of litigation that she instigated in this state so that for greed's sake she can take every thing she assumes we have again. Why? Because she is unrepentant and is functioning under evil forces rather than the light of God. We even till this day are praying for her to confess, repent, and be restored to Jesus. She took to herself false counselors who counseled her in the ways of the world and took up the hatred of the same. She left our camp originally in Sacramento promising to learn responsibility and then come back to be restored. The whole story she invented was a cook-up between her and Mr. Blasier to steal what was not theirs but it belonged to God, who told us not to fight her but give her what she wanted. She has never been satisfied, she is still bitter and full of accusation, that is not the Spirit of God. As far as the adultery issue goes, we were told by two men of their involvement with her and several others hinted at the same. However at this point that is not the issue, as the fact that she made up a huge lie, took thousands of dollars of assets, has kept up hatred, false accusation and bitterness all for what? To satisfy her own greed and that of attorneys involved, to kill others spiritually by these false accusations and lies.

We cannot because God has told us we cannot any longer cover her lies, but the time has come that she is to confess, repent, and be restored or else wise lose out with God. So we are not operating in hate, but rather love for her soul, not the lies that possess her life. Standing in the truth, we remain faithful to Jesus the Master of our souls.

Generals Jim and Deborah Green

 Letter #12 
 (Formerly titled "Final Letter") 

Sent: 5/13/12, 4:05pm

Subject: Re: The Truth

Dear Generals Jim and Deborah,

Thanks for making things more clear to me. You’re welcome to use my letters in your defense if you so desire.

...I believe that she is hiding from something, but perhaps she has told so many lies over the years that she is starting to believe her own lies. Of course, I left out the other issue of monetary loss that you have suffered as a result of the scheme that she and Bob Blasier came up with. But, it also upsets me that she most likely committed adultery and acts so oblivious to it, even acting as if “the Greens” were solely responsible for my fathers’ decision to move against her.

...her own sins stink and she should not be acting like an innocent woman that was victimized by a “cult.” Although I am not certain, I think one of the reasons as to why she continues to go after you is because people other than Bob Blaiser [sic] have come to her and requested help in “dealing” with you. I think at the very least she needs to back off and call it quits, but it would not hurt if she also apologized for making up these fairy tales. Instead of the pathetic victim status that she clings to, we can replace it with a more wholesome story of how an adulterous and lying woman returns to God and forsakes all of the grievous wrongdoings that are pointed out to her. Maybe something like this could inspire millions of others to do the same thing.

- Steven Aaron Schmierer

 Letter #13 

Sent: 5/18/12, 10:51pm

Subject: Update on the situation

Dear All,

...I just had a talk with my mother and she gave an almost entirely different story, esp. as to the adultery issue. She claims that she NEVER cheated on Steve (Phillip), but after several times of convincing her that she may have been attracted to two other men, she agreed.

...My mother has been taken into the "psychology" sham "science" and has given Lila the label of a "psychopath." She has also used this pseudoscience to give me various labels such as "mentally ill," and that is why I have mentioned her slandering and falsely accusing me.  ...

-Steven A. Schmierer

 Letter #14 

Sent: 5/19/12, 7:13am

Subject: Re: Update on the situation

Dear Generals,

...I remember one area that I did live in with her, and it was close to those stairs leading up to an upper platform. I directly and verbally questioned Maura on numerous things. One of them was the allegation that she was ordered to whip me when I was six months old for interrupting meetings/services, and why this was not even mentioned during the first lawsuit(s) that she filed in California as you claim. She stuck to her story and said that Lila told her to bring me into her room and whip me. I asked her what I was even doing in these services as a 6-month-old baby, and she said that it was required that I be in them. I asked her how many times she whipped me, and she said that initially she avoided doing it, although she did go into the said room with me. Another one was the question of her alleged "false imprisonment." She said that she knew that she was free to leave, but she told me that she feared literally burning in "Hell" (Dante's Inferno variety) if she did; she was in a so-called "mental prison." I asked her why she asked for $20 million in damages and she looked at me in a way that seemed to express agreement that it was an outrageous amount and then blamed it on her attorney for having come up with the idea. Apparently, all of the free shelter, water and food that she got was of the "wrong kind" (a small living space, and PB sandwiches). I am pretty sure she is not telling the truth about not having a toilet to use.

...She seriously wants to destroy you and there is no reasoning with her in any of this. I can tell you by the hostile way that she responded to my questioning of her that she has made her mind up. I may have heard her talk of using any money she gets out of this to help members of your "cult" to "come out." But, she has no valid alternative way of life or thought for the people in your community.

...I might not have helped anyone in an appropriate and meaningful way during all of this communication, but hopefully something positive was gained by it.


Sent: 5/20/12, 3:30am

Subject: The Price

Dear Steven,

Praise God you are to be commended for your attempts to bring her to confession and repentance and the Lord will reward you for that.  ...One time years ago we had to confront a pastor whom we loved very much, in fact he was a primary figure in our early days of salvation. However years afterwards when we were returned to his church, several of the members came to us confessing their sins and making accusations against the Pastor. It seems he had slipped into homosexual overtures and activities against or with several of the menfolk, so the whole body was riddled with sin. The members were coming to us and we did not want to hear it. We had returned we thought to live "happily ever after" with the pastor and the members, only to find out that we had returned to a pit. So we cried out to the Lord, and He told us to stand for truth. Now that was a hard thing for us at that time as we were in a predicament where we had to trust the Lord. So the pastor for no good reason showed up at our house. When he did the Lord said, "now is the time, confront him with the truth." He immediately went into denial and accusation against others, against us and on and on. This went on until two o'clock in the morning about eight hours. We kept holding the ground because the Lord told us he was guilty. Finally he confessed the sins. But he did not repent--what happened as a consequence, he was stripped by God from that day forth in the sense that he no longer had the power to draw in and deceive others in his sin trap and those people that were there started leaving. His ministry dwindled to nothing and he is still alive but no longer able to victimize because he confessed and thereby lost the demonic power he was operating under. It is important that lies be confessed to free the person and also others who are the victims. Anyway we want to encourage you to continue to stand for the truth as we have all had to stand and see our God prevail and make the way. It is worth it to stand for God and see His strategy.  ...Also we are all praying for you and believing the Lord to keep His hand over you. Your father is especially believing you will stand for truth against the evil spirits that have possessed your mother and we likewise believe for the truth to prevail. With love and prayers, Generals and all

 Letter #15 

Sent: 5/20/12, 1:32pm

Subject: Re: The Price

Dear All,

...If she ever successfully uses the courts in NM to destroy you, I bet you that she would keep a significant portion of any possible money that she might get to herself, and perhaps use the rest of it to turn the remaining members of your community into pot smoking hippies and/or Buddhists in order to help them "come out."

...According to some Google Internet searches, some of the supposed meanings of Maura are "bitter," "bitterness," "sorrow," "rebellion" and "Sea of Bitterness." Surprised?...

Love, Steven

 Letter #16 

Sent: 5/20/12, 4:53pm

Subject: My mothers name in Hebrew

Ruth 1:20, "And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara [4754]: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me."

Here is the meaning of "Mara" from the Strong's Concordance:

4754 mara' maw-raw' a primitive root; to rebel; hence (through the idea of maltreating) to whip, i.e. lash (self with wings, as the ostrich in running):--be filthy, lift up self.

4755 Mara' maw-raw' for 4751 feminine; bitter; Mara, a symbolic name of Naomi:--Mara.

4751 mar mar or (feminine) marah {maw-raw'}; from 4843; bitter (literally or figuratively); also (as noun) bitterness, or (adverbially) bitterly:--+ angry, bitter(-ly, -ness), chafed, discontented, X great, heavy.

4843 marar maw-rar' a primitive root; properly, to trickle (see 4752); but used only as a denominative from 4751; to be (causatively, make) bitter (literally or figuratively):--(be, be in, deal, have, make) bitter(-ly, - ness), be moved with choler, (be, have sorely, it) grieved(-eth), provoke, vex.

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