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Ministry Facts

NOTE: Let it be known that the **’s are replacing the names of certain individuals because a certain female individual has written us letters threatening that if we used her name on this website, we will be SUED by her AGAIN! Therefore, her full name may be found in the court case.

We now live in the vicinity of Gallup, New Mexico; the cultural Indian mecca of the United States, where we have operated for over sixteen years now, among the Native Americans. Evangelism videos among the Natives can be found on our website. Our "All Tribes Indian Newsletter" is available for free to all interested.

Brief on our past

General James was born in 1945. He was raised in Kentucky and had the typical regional upbringing with Bible reading, backwoods snake bites, and even lots of real Kentucky fried chicken. As a rebellious teenager, he took his backpack and hitchhiked to California where he later became entwined in a hippie lifestyle and the 1960's revolution, where he met and fell in love with Deborah.

General Deborah was born in 1947 in California, with a Native American father, she had a pagan / humanist upbringing. She was a straight A student in high school and college. However, that proved to be no help when later, she too, became snared in the hippie lifestyle. Wherein, she became involved in the 1960's music and bands, typical generational activities and sins; as well as a total rebellion from society in general.

In the early 1970s, The Generals joined the "Bear Tribe", a group in California who modeled themselves after the Native American way of life. At that time 22 year old Ma**a Azulas, (later to become Ma**a Schm*****) was also in the Bear Tribe, the lover of one of the leaders, 54 year old Sun Bear.

Our Salvation

When the Generals were with the Bear Tribe in California, they went to scout out land in Montana; where they lived in a little cabin. It was during this time in 1971, that as General James was hitchhiking to their cabin, that a man picked him up alongside of the road and declared to him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The man came with James to their cabin where General Deborah was awaiting him. The stranger then proceeded to lovingly tell them that Jesus would bestow upon them His salvation if they would ask Him to. After a little debating, the Generals "felt the drawing presence of Jesus and consented to the man, simply praying, ‘Dear Lord Jesus, take this garbage that is my life, and make me useful to your Kingdom.'"

Church in Kentucky

The Generals moved to Kentucky where they started attending a local church. General James was an instant prospect of the denomination and began training for a ministerial position. He was trained four years under a pastor. At that time, the Generals saw much of how the Church operates, and it gave them a basis for their vast teachings involving the Church. Such as can be found in booklets called "Stinking Rotting Corpse", "Emergent Church Ideophrenia", "Recreant Philosophers", etc, etc. on the website and booklets.

After their experiences in the Church, they felt God leading them to a deeper level of dedication, and into a missionary way of life. After a pioneer missionary journey through war-torn central America, The Greens ended up in Miami, Florida.

At the Salvation Army in Miami

In the late 70's, the Generals worked at the large Miami, Florida, Salvation Army center, and also did inner-city mission work with the homeless, alcoholics, and drug-addicts.

With Free Love Ministries

In the early 80's, the General moved into a house in Sacramento, California. The Generals' public ministry started out as nothing more than taking people in, as well as printing and distributing Gospel tracts. As the people multiplied, they secured more houses and started using the name "Free Love Ministries". Already eating and working together, the ministry then started having daily meetings, which included prayer and teaching.

The Lie-suit!

The ACMTC ministry is currently working on a full-length documentary "exposing their 25 year saga of persecutions".

Ma**a Schm***** decided to slap a lawsuit against us in 1988. However, we never did anything illegal to her. All we did was take her back in with us after she left because we felt sorry for her son. In her testimony she contradicts herself and lies on every possible point including, what she did or didn't eat, where she was, or wasn't, what water she did or didn't use, where she did or didn't go to the bathroom, what she did or didn't wear, etc., etc., etc.

One of her most vicious lies claims that she couldn't go to the bathroom. Everyone knows this is ridiculous. When you've got to go, you've got to go! She could have used, any time she wanted, "The Chop Shop" which was a 30x40 brand new building literally butting up to the shed which had power, a restroom, wood and electric heat, and a phone with two lines. Most of her supposed 6 months "captivity" was actually spent in this building. She is a fantastic liar!

Look at our Testimony Under Oath files under the Px2 files to see her numerous ridiculous contradictions.

When God told the Generals not to go to court, they did not go. It was for reasons according to Bible dictates.

Some ACMTC members hold Schm***** personally responsible for the deaths, and increased physical deterioration, of numerous people who have joined her allegations against the ministry. Look at the article under px2 files called “The consequences of a false covering” [http://www.aggressivechristianity.net/px2%20files/TheConsequenceofaFalseCovering.htm]

Later the ministry settled in Klamath Falls, Oregon and added another ministry name, "Life Force Team". That's when, instead of crawling into a hole and dying, as soldiers of the Cross, despite the persecution, they started preaching more adamantly and upped the production of free literature distribution.

The abduction

On July 8th, 1995, at the ACMTC ministry, the physical abduction / kidnaping / captivity of Bradley Shank (member) took place. The testimony of the member taken by force describes the "mental torment" he underwent after convicted felon and deprogrammer Ri** Ro** and Ma**a Schm***** grilled him for over 30 hours while the door was guarded, preventing him from leaving.

Now, if God would have allowed us to, talk about a major lawsuit. Ma**a had no physical accusations, we did! But, God will get revenge for us! The enemies will confess their lies. We will not take matters into our own hands, and we will receive victory from the Lord!

Different Media Smear Jobs Backfired!

In 1989 when Jodi Hernandez (part of Sacramento's channel 13- a proven homosexual-ran organization) "examined" us, she spread all types of nasty alleged accusations against by us. Absolutely no proof whatsoever! Just gossip! However, in response to the uncertified, unproven, and even unfounded allegations, Sergeant William Elliot of the Butte County Sheriff's department states, "...the Sheriff's department sees the ACMTC as just another religious group...involved in no criminal activity that I know of." Gridley Mayor Thomas E. Campton said the same thing: "I haven't seen them do anything wrong." So their little plot to destroy us didn't have any effect.

The Transient

In December 1999 Darren White reported on El Phalen, the homeless lady who came to our camp. She was here for awhile, then we found out about her habitual drug usage and she had a gun. We told her she would have to stop the drugs to stay here and told her that she had to get rid of her gun. She left mad as a hornet saying how she was going to destroy us. All we did was feed, clothe, and love her. However, we were maintaining a godly standard. We concerned about her threats because we knew God would be with us. Even though there was no investigation or evidence, about 40 police officials illegally raided our headquarters. Obviously finding "nothing out of the ordinary". In February 16, 2000, after the raid, Mike Taughter, in the Albuquerque journal states, "The woman was identified by authorities as El Phalen...a transient. Police say Phalen has made unfounded allegations in the past. ‘Our department has had one or two cases involving her that turned out to be nothing,' said [Johnny Valdez], Cibola county undersheriff. ‘I think it's the department's opinion that the case should probably have been investigated further...Phalen told the Cibola County Sheriff's Department that her neighbor was trying to kill her. But that turned out not to be true, [Valdez] said.

On February 16, 2002 Mike Taughter, in the Albuquerque Journal follows up with, "(the raid) hinged on statements from a single witness...whom law enforcement authorities say has a history of making unfounded allegations".

I think Mike Taughter was the most level-headed person out there in media land. At least he realized the type of wandering nature that the literal crack-head El Phalen was!

The Smear Affair

On November 4, 2005, Jim Maniaci reported on an incident. What he was referring to was this deputy that came out here, looking for trouble and told all sorts of lies just so he could be the "cult buster". The Sheriff's office later stated that “the deputy who initially mishandled the incident that was really no more than a misdemeanor offense, was released”. In the article, Maniaci also quotes county chief investigator Sgt. Harry Hall saying, "Because the farm takes in troubled adults who want to change their lifestyle, Hall said complaints, sometimes threatening, have been made by those adults' parents, but in every case turned out to be unfounded".

Preconceived Negativity

In June, 2006, Annie McCormick of KRQE|KRQE, CBS channel 13, Albuquerque, NM, tried to barge in the ministry and start a fight. She already had nothing but preconceived negative ideas! How can you even talk to someone who just wants to make you look bad? She also interviewed a reprobate pastor of some of our members. He thought himself to be some great cult expert, just because some people from his church left to come here. Some expert!