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 LIAR, LIAR, Your 

 Tongue’s On  

 LIAR, LIAR, Your 

 Tongue’s On  


by General James Green

“So are the ways of every one who is greedy of gain; such [greed for plunder] takes away the life of its possessors” (Prov. 1:19, AMP. Bible).


“Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the lives of those who get it” (Proverbs 1:19, NIV; v. 19 refers to vv. 10-18).


PROVERBS 1:19 SPEAKS of the way the law of retribution works, a common theme in wisdom literature. Here beca (Heb.) has the sense of UNJUST GAIN.

“Momma Maura” (MS) no doubt promised her daughter something to LIE on the Dr. Phil Show in order to “demonize” us further. How much did she promise you, Rebekah? Why have you joined your lying mother in “lay[ing] wait for blood,...lurk[ing] privily for the innocent without cause” (v. 11)? Killing can be more than literal. Here in verse 11, noting the adverb that goes with the verb, we see that as the writer reflects, he makes a point that the thieves (or thief) wait to POUNCE upon their (HER!) victim (or victims), even though the victims have DONE THEM (HER!) NO HARM!

It is obvious, dear Rebekah, that you strain to give some laudable reason for entertaining your “adventurous” company, “Momma Maura.” The $$ (and fame?) you expected to receive may not be altogether suiting to your taste. I never thought you to be a serious liar, but it seems the results were attractive enough for you not to question the means too much. You would have been better off remaining HONEST about what “Momma Maura” said and did. What you wrote back in 1989, “The 20 Million Dollar Lie Exposed,” was a TRUE ACCOUNT, and you know it. Lying for your mother won’t destroy us, nor help your mother—

she MUST give an account of her 24 years of lies.

Quoting from the Dr. Phil transcript: “What started out as Bible study morphed into something sinister, says Rebekah’s mom, Maura.” With that quote, let me put forth what Rebekah stated on the live show speaking about when her “mom” was judged and found guilty (by a panel) of several unChristian things: Speaking of “spiritual adultery,” Rebekah wipes her eyes (like she’s really crying!) before Phil’s audience, claiming that she didn’t even know what “spiritual adultery” was.

Now, dear readers, let me point out some obvious things here.

Remember what “Momma Maura” said: “What started out as Bible study (sic) morphed into something sinister...” “Momma Maura” is obviously recalling how we (the Greens and S.’s) did Bible studies, way before we even formed up FLM / ACMTC. I personally gave the S. family (MS’s family) Bible studies several years previous to our taped messages for radio.

What did I teach these new converts? Churchy stuff? Puff and fluff? NO! Hardcore Bible. First and foremost was commitment to Jesus Christ, submission to Him, His Word, His Will. I did not teach submission to us, but to Him and God’s Word.

I also taught commitment to MISSIONS—reaching out to the lost. I taught about demon warfare, soldiering, dominion, discipline, deliverance, etc. I also taught what SIN was: idolatry, adultery, homosexuality, lying, covetousness, etc., etc. Our message has never changed over the years—we’ve been teaching and practicing what we teach, now, going on into our 41st year of service. So, for Rebekah to claim she “didn’t even know what spiritual adultery was” is




I have, before me, the ACMTC cassette / video list that starts with my first taped message, 5/16/1983, and I can see all the way to 12/31/1987. In this period of time, with the S. family living with us, I covered 591 TAPED MESSAGES (up until the time we supposedly locked up “Momma Maura” in that dark and dreary shed for 10 weeks / 6 months — she claims both CONFLICTING time periods in different places!!!).

Now, these messages were only the ones that were recorded. We also gave hundreds of exhortations, pep-talks, rebukes, warnings, and other studies never recorded—Rebekah and “Momma Maura” hearing them also.


My Point?

My point is this: We make SURE that all ACMTC soldiers understand what SIN is, the consequence of disobeying God’s written Word, etc. We gave tests on many subjects—after all, we were (and are!) a Missions Training Corps! And we drilled the students on the Bible, not on how loyal they were to us, but to Jesus Christ, His Will, His Word, His Way.

Another thing, Rebekah made the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, which means she qualified for that rank by example of duty and academia. There is NO WAY that she can claim “I didn’t know!” stuff.


She knew what “spiritual adultery” was and is. So did “Momma Maura.” Rebekah at least tried to live the Christian life, but “Momma” faked her conversion all along . . . see the whole “Px2 Files” now. See someone who refused to take Godly correction, repent, and do things God’s Way. Isn’t this what Christianity is all about?...living righteously, honestly, holy (as best as we can)?

And, Rebekah, where did you learn to “WEEP” as you tell your LIES? Not from us! It may pull heart strings from Dr. Phil’s audience,




The only right thing for you to do is REPENT OF YOUR LIES AND GET IT RIGHT WITH GOD.

Why haven’t you refuted our “Px2 Files”? “Momma Maura” boldly said, “I was not allowed to see or talk to my children for six months.” What about those quotes in all those newspapers and in the court record (UNDER OATH mind you!) contradicting this? Prove me wrong if you can. I’m waiting.

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