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Duped Dupes!

by General James Green


It is well said that “What we believe affects what we do; ideas do have consequences” . . . but those “ideas,” dear ones, do not arise in a vacuum. Most often the conclusions we reach about any area of society life may be greatly influenced by the political, religious and social forces around us, rather than a rational analysis of the FACTS.

     Armed with FACTS we make better judgments. In the case at hand—the “Px2 Files”—many are now seeing and perceiving the TRUTH AT LAST! A man (or woman) armed with FACTS is never at the mercy of those armed with falsehoods.

     Just because one can cry, “ABUSE! ABUSE!” does not make their claim true. For 24+ years now, Maura S. [MS], AKA “Peanut Butter Princess,” has claimed that we held her captive in a dark, damp, depressing SHED for “10 weeks” (other times, she says “6 MONTHS”) with no way to bathe or relieve her bowels, etc. She claims she subsisted on 6 “STALE” peanut butter sandwiches a day, never being able to see her children. How criminal! All this was stated UNDER OATH to the Court of Sacramento, CA, in 1988, and has been repeated on national TV and in numerous publications throughout the U.S.—all this WITHOUT a SHRED of HARD EVIDENCE!!

     Enter her bleached blonde daughter, Rebekah — who now claims that we MADE her beat her 6 month old son with a belt. Maura picks up on this LIE 18 years later and claims the same—that we MADE HER (Bleach Blonde) beat her son with a belt. Yeah, right!

     My question to our readers and to her “dumb dupes” is this: “Why have you, Maura, waited all these years—1987 - 2006 (when you first appeared on the Dr. Phil TV show with Bleach Blonde Rebekah—to come forward with this ‘They made me beat my baby’ stuff? Funny, there is not a word about child abuse in your original Testimony Under Oath (TUO) concerning this. I have the complete file. Not a word. Why?”

     In case your “dumb dupes” can’t connect the dots, let me point out that if there was such child abuse as you both NOW CLAIM, it should have been stated when you sued us for 20 MILLION $$!! Not a word.

     In fact, folks, I’m the one who brings up this subject in one of my articles, not Maura or Bleach Blonde. And the accusation actually came from an OUTSIDE enemy who called the police and the Child Protective Services (several times)—and these agencies came, found nothing, and LEFT!!! Never did “Peanut Butter Princess” nor Bleach Blonde (whose hair was brown in those days!) bring up this subject.

     Did “Peanut Butter Princess’” lawyer make this accusation? He actually had Maura’s kids over to swim in his pool after they were taken away from the father. You would think he would have seen whelps/bruises on the kids’ bodies if we had a habit of abuse. NO medical report! NO police report!

     Hey, where are your FACTS/PROOF OF CHILD ABUSE? To hear you crybabies tell it now, we either beat children or MADE them beat their children.

     It was even reported by an ex-member (who is now dead!) that we put small children on 50-day fasts. This was printed in the papers of that day.

     To make my point, read the latest National Geographic TV blog “I Escaped a Cult,” posted in April 2012. The blog states, in part, “At one point, members were directed [they are being nice here, at least, usually it is said, ‘members were FORCED...’] to follow an elaborate 50-day fasting regimen...” Frankly, our whole training corps was and still is voluntary—we make no one do anything.

     Question: Is it a sin to fast? My wife and I (and some members) have been fasting all thru the years. In fact, several months ago, she and I went on a 40-day fast. We feel GREAT! No one has ever died or even been sent to the hospital for fasting.

     This National Geographic TV show, which ran 3 weekends in a row, has poor Maura giving her pathetic “shed” story all over again. GET A LIFE, MAURA!!! How long will you blame us for what you did to yourself?

     But not all went well with the Dr. Phil and the National Geographic TV show. Maura tells of her 6 month imprisonment, eating problems—and I quote the National Geographic here: “...nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and forced [FORCED? Tell us HOW, Maura—did we put a gun to your head?] to work [work is a SIN now?] long hours chopping wood and doing other chores as penance. She was not allowed to have hot water [the Dr. Phil show says, ‘NO water’ at all] to bathe. Her daughter Rebekah recalls.”

     Now isn’t this teamwork—she says we kept her locked up in a dark, windowless shed for 6 MONTHS (other times it is “10 weeks”), yet Bleach Blonde says we MADE her work long hours OUTSIDE the shed.

     Now, ladies, you can’t have it both ways.

     At least the National Geographic TV blog gave a true statement. Here it is: “On its website, the group maintains that it was innocent of wrongdoing against Maura. ‘This pathetic lie has been told and retold hundreds of times over the years by her and her fellow antagonists’ (a letter from James Green on the website states).”

     Hello, out there! Connect the dots!!

* * *

     Now, “Peanut Butter Princess,” after you and Bob B. did your thing, let me quote a few lines from your Facebook dupes:

     “I do not approve of Dr. Phil...Maura said that she no longer does as well.”

     What happened, Maura? Did he catch you in a LIE or two?

     “I watched part of [the ‘Px2 Files Conspiracy’—a video documentary series put together and posted on YOUTUBE by Tom Briggs—view it at:


but that part about Maura expressing a desire to hop in the sack with a black man while in Africa really disturbs me. To be honest, I am not so certain that it is false...”

     “Maura is duped and deceived...”

     “The whole lot of them—Nathaniel [Maura’s son], Maura, and Rebekah—have lost their faith in Jesus Christ and have been persuaded to believe that the Bible is false.”

     True! Maura is a BUDDHIST who visits a certain winery in Texas (now a closet wino??); Nate is foulmouthed, the “F word” his favorite; and Rebekah has now joined “Momma Maura” in her intent to”finish us off.” (HA! You’ve got a long wait!)

     Maybe Rebekah, AKA, Bleach Blonde, ought to tell us all what happened to her marriage after she left the “cult.” It is well known by us that her dear ol’ grandmother (Maura’s mom) TAUGHT HER HOW TO COMMIT ADULTERY ON HER HUSBAND (who was unfaithful to her during his stay at our camp in the Philippines—and even gave her a venereal disease). But, back to Bleach Blonde. No one had to teach her the act of adultery—she knew all about “the birds and the bees” as a small child. MAURA ALLOWED HER TO BE SEXUALLY MOLESTED BY CERTAIN BEAR TRIBE MEN WHEN MYSELF, MY WIFE, AND SHE LIVED AT MEDICINE ROCK. The law enforcement searched 3 days and nights for the missing child, as reported in the Placerville newspaper (my photo was in that particular paper, showing my large teepee along with John Freesoul). Maybe this is why Bleach Blonde has a hang-up with “abuse”? The child was diagnosed with a venereal disease. No charges were filed, for the culprits fled the camp.

     Anyways, back to Bleach Blonde’s divorce. Her hubby wired her little “playroom” and recorded her adulterous affairs. She found out, blew up and divorced hubby!

     Her hubby, who was an ACMTC officer, tried to go straight with our program but failed, as did his father before him. His father came to us (before we formed ACMTC) as a reject (and a mental basket-case) who was fired from the senior pastorate of the largest Pentecostal church in Honolulu, Hawaii—he was guilty of adultery. We eventually saw him restored (mentally/spiritually) and sent him back several years later to start a church (which we helped support); he got into “women trouble” again and came back to the mainland where, the last we heard, he was ready to die.

* * *

     So, is it any wonder that “Momma Maura” and daughter have joined the lonely hearts club band...performing their “the Greens locked me up” and “the Greens made me beat my baby”??? Get a life, ladies!!

     Back to Maura’s Facebook dupes: “I have not been persuaded to believe everything I have been told about your ministry...”

     “I do not believe that she [Maura] is without fault/sin in this entire mess, including the reason as to why [Col. Philip] might have moved against her, spiritual adultery and possibly the real thing...”

     “I have read some of the pages on your website, and I agree that Maura has been caught in too many contradictions, so I will refuse to involve myself in furthering any verifiable lies, lest I be judged for it...”

     “It seems rather strange that the child abuse Maura and daughter mention was carried out by their own hands.”

     So, not all are DUPED by Maura and Bleach Blonde. But because the land is now in the hands of “politically correct” idiots, TRUTH is SHUNNED and LIES are EMBRACED.

     “He who JUSTIFIES THE WICKED and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD” (Proverbs 17:15).

     We can only pity all the pneumo-craniacs (i.e., “air-heads”) out there in La-La Land. As for us, we’ll serve the Lord.

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